About Us

Beacon Audio Video Systems was founded out of a need for an innovative audio and video specialist in our area.

Our mission was to bring amazing new technologies into our clients’ homes and to enhance their living space with customized solutions for spending more time enjoying their electronics and less time trying to figure them out.

The founders of Beacon Audio Video Systems have been working within the industry for more than 25 combined years. This multitude of experience, along with our never ending enthusiasm for the field of home electronics allows us to give our clients the very best that anyone has to offer. Every client of ours has individual needs that are met with the utmost attention. Feel free to browse through a few of our staff bios knowing that these are just some of the people that help us bring the magic home to you.

The Beacon

Rob is a talker. He loves to talk. Put him in a situation that he doesn’t understand fully, and you can hardly get a word in edge-wise. The beauty is that he knows what he is talking about.

Rob, like almost all of us at Beacon, got his start in the audio video industry many many moons ago selling car audio equipment. But eventually you have to grow up and stop irritating other drivers with the loud BOOM BOOM BOOM from car windows. So one day, Rob switched teams and started selling home audio and video equipment. It wasn’t long before he was also installing that equipment. What began as home theater hook ups quickly grew into whole house audio and eventually video distribution.

Rob has experience in every aspect of our industry from sales and design, to running wires in an attic for a retro-fit installation. He attacks each and every project with the same enthusiasm that he exhibited on his first one. Rob treats every client like a friend and every friend like family. There are just not enough words to describe him……………..

Darth Beacon

As the newest Beacon on staff, Lonnie brings youthful exuberance to us old people. He provides a lot of material for hazing and gives as much as he gets so we keep him around. Look for him to be questioning everything and learning whatever he can. When not training for a beard competition, he enjoys his dueling fish tanks and an entirely unhealthy love for the Dark Side.

Fluffy Beacon

Jeremy is, without question, the epitome of the type of person and installer that any client should and would want in their home. He approaches his profession with discipline, dedication, and a great sense of humor, which allows he and his coworkers to not only complete the important tasks at hand, but also enjoy themselves while doing so.

His dedication also presents itself in his personal life, as shown in his attention and affection towards his family and friends. Never mincing words, he stands behind what he says and believes, and is always prepared to “go to bat” for the ideals and people he believes in, as well as tell you when it’s time to shape up and deliver. These are admirable characteristics that each and every one of us should strive for, and a major component of why I respect him as much as I do.

Did I mention he usually keeps two 5 pound bags of “MnM’s” on his desk? I mean, who wouldn’t like working with that guy?

Juicy Beacon

Matt has been a valuable member of the Beacon staff from day one. Our resident pre-wire master, he enjoys an wierd attraction for dirt and wood chips. Whether it be wiring a new home or installing cool stuff in an existing building, his happy go lucky spirit is impossible to kill. No matter how much we try and try and try. After hours, he spends most of his time trying rum drinks, teaching his 3 boys things they shouldn’t do and testing his wife’s latest cupcake concoction from their cupcake shop Cake, Hope and Love.

Dusty Beacon

Jim is one strong part of our work team. Jim’s ability to trouble shoot, fix, and finish problems comes from many years of experience! He not only can be technical, but getting dirty in a crawl space, or climbing in an attic is not a problem! Jim can program, run wire, hook up equipment, and explain operation of our systems!
Jim can also assemble a rack and he will take the time to make sure that it is clean and well managed! Jim is also a bit of mad scientist, he puts together his own computers, and tractors at home!!

I have had the pleasure of working with Jim for a little over 5 years. We have developed a system over the years that makes our jobs run pretty smooth. Usually we know what has to be done, and as one of us starts at one point, the other will start at another and we meet in the middle to finish the job! We brain storm problems, and although we sometimes do not agree on certain things. We always get stuff done! Jim is fair, open minded, and fun to work with. He gets along with all of our customers and has a way to make people feel comfortable about our work. (Just like your Grandpa would). -Juicy