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Apple’s iPad

Apple will soon rule the world, and the iPad bring us one step closer. The latest gadget unveiled from the electronic leviathan known as Apple, is the iPad (iPad 2). This device promises to change the way we see tablet computers. No longer just a lackluster notebook substitute, the iPad defines what a productivity tool should be; small, portable, long battery life, and when necessary, fun.

Of course, as with any Apple product, there comes the App Store. Some love it, some hate it, but it is not going anywhere anytime soon. This colossal app marketplace brings with it a barrage of applications ranging from gotta-have-it useful to downright annoying. Of course the iPad will run all of the iPhone apps, but it also lends itself to more powerful and much more visually stunning versions based on nothing more than just the available screen real estate. The iPad, with its 10” screen brings all of our favorite e-books and youtube clips to a point where we can actually view them without squinting. The larger size also helps out when it comes to surfing large music libraries.

For our industry, the iPad represents yet another iOS device that can do anything (ahem, Flash what?). With its impressive screen resolution, WiFi connectivity, and modest price point, the iPad stands poised to take over the wireless touchpanel market. It has already become tightly integrated with both Control4 and Crestron, making it a highly requested add-on for our customers.

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