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What is Control4? Control4 is the easiest way to control the systems in your home.
By systems we mean your Audio System, your televisions, your heating and cooling system, lights, as well as your security and surveillance system.

Here is an example.

We installed a Home Theater in Mason Ohio in a client’s man cave back in January.
He liked the room so much that he built a bar on the opposite side and needed a TV and audio in that part of the room.

After seeing how easy he could control the system and turn all the lights off when he is done, his wife called us out to install a lighting system on the first floor. We suggested that we tie the lighting system into their security system, so now when the security system is disarmed a group of lights turn on to allow her to find her way through a normally dark mudroom.

We used a Control4 automation system to control all these components and our client could not be happier.

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Happy Holidays!

The Beacon team would like to wish each and every one of you a wonderful, safe, and happy holiday season!

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Apple’s iPad

Apple will soon rule the world, and the iPad bring us one step closer. The latest gadget unveiled from the electronic leviathan known as Apple, is the iPad (iPad 2). This device promises to change the way we see tablet computers. No longer just a lackluster notebook substitute, the iPad defines what a productivity tool should be; small, portable, long battery life, and when necessary, fun.

Of course, as with any Apple product, there comes the App Store. Some love it, some hate it, but it is not going anywhere anytime soon. This colossal app marketplace brings with it a barrage of applications ranging from gotta-have-it useful to downright annoying. Of course the iPad will run all of the iPhone apps, but it also lends itself to more powerful and much more visually stunning versions based on nothing more than just the available screen real estate. The iPad, with its 10” screen brings all of our favorite e-books and youtube clips to a point where we can actually view them without squinting. The larger size also helps out when it comes to surfing large music libraries.

For our industry, the iPad represents yet another iOS device that can do anything (ahem, Flash what?). With its impressive screen resolution, WiFi connectivity, and modest price point, the iPad stands poised to take over the wireless touchpanel market. It has already become tightly integrated with both Control4 and Crestron, making it a highly requested add-on for our customers.

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Building A Website

Just so everyone knows, I am not a professional writer, or an advertiser, or a marketing guru. I am a button maker. I help design and create amazing audio/video systems and then I make them work. Through buttons. I write the programming that controls those buttons, I draw those buttons on touchpanels, and then I troubleshoot them when they don’t work. So basically, I make buttons.

When this company was created, certain responsibilities were assigned and some just fell upon us. This website, although definitely a labor of love, was one of the undertakings that dropped onto my desk one day and wriggled like a dying fish, demanding my attention. I have done my best. And certainly things will change as time allows, but for now, try not to be too harsh in judging what little creativity I possess in this particular arena. After all, I just make buttons.

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Working As A Team

In almost any field, you are required to work with others, at least to some capacity. Some of us work very closely with those that surround us from 9 to 5 (I wish). When you have spent enough time with your co-workers, and you get to know each other, you inevitably become friends. Over the years these co-workers turned friends become more of a family.

Beacon Audio Video was founded on the basis of simply being the best at what we do. Simply wanting to be the best isn’t enough. You have to start by hiring the best. That is exactly what we have done. Each and every employee currently with us has all worked with the others for a minimum of 5 years. This not only breeds loyalty to the company, but also instills a greater sense of responsibility to the company and to each other.

Any one of us can go out to do an install with anyone else and already know what the other is going to do before they do it. This type of comradery is amazing and allows us to focus more on the client’s needs rather than our own logistics. We have assembled an incredible team at Beacon and in doing so, we have created an extraordinary extended family.