The term “Automation” sure sounds fancy, but what does it really mean? To us at Beacon Audio Video it simply means that your whole house and everything in it should work together in harmony.

We accomplish this by starting with a controller or processor to coordinate things. These modern controllers can communicate with just about any electronic device on the market today; even some devices that you may not necessarily think of as electronic, such as garage door openers, doorbells, fountains, and even swimming pools.

Automation is all about convenience. Taking the things that we use everyday and making them work better and more simplistically. A thermostat may work fine on its own, but can be more efficient if it knows the temperature outside and even the forecast. Your landscape light switch also performs well on its own, but could perform better if it knew the light level outside. By combining the control of all of these independent systems and allowing them to share information with one another, we can create a personalized straightforward interface that will leave you wondering how you ever did without.

We all become accustomed to our menagerie of remote controls. We just accept the fact that trying to watch the evening news has become a daunting proposition. But why? This is not necessary nor is it acceptable. We should feel comfortable knowing that the babysitter or a houseguest will easily sit down and enjoy a program without complicated instructions. At Beacon Audio Video we pride ourselves on the ability to create beautiful and effortless control interfaces regardless of the actual complexity of the project. We utilize handheld remotes, touch panels, keypads, smartphones, tablets, and laptops to create the perfect aggregation of controls.

If it can be controlled, we can integrate it. If it has never been controlled, we would love to try.