Did you know that window treatments for your home do a lot more than provide privacy?


Here at Beacon, Home Audio Video Systems, we try to find the value and logic in everything we do. Home theater needs to be in darker room for a better picture. Home theater shades Dayton are the perfect option for you which rejects 100% both visible light and UV rays. That applies to window treatments as much as anything. Sure, making your blinds or draperies open and close at the touch of a button is cool, but what about when the “WOW” factor wears off? What are the sustainable benefits? Why does congress get to vote their own pay raises? We can answer 2 of those questions for you. In addition to looking pretty, window treatments, if used properly, can offer you climate control, lighting control and UV protection.

Yes, I said UV protection and no I am not eating paint chips (We wait until 2 for that). The UV rays from the sun can damage elements of the house over time. Ever see a big spot on a hardwood floor where a rug used to be? Notice that the rug is all faded also? Both of these are examples of damage from the sun.

Your dog and cat probably love to lay in the sunshine on the floor, but that same sunshine is affecting the air and that window is possibly the largest heat killer in your house in the winter. Window treatments can help keep the sun’s heat out in the summer and act as an insulator for your windows in the winter, all while letting the light fill the room.

Window treatments are both functional and cool and add a new dimension of energy efficiency. Give us a call to find out more and check out our “Education” section for additional information!