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Working As A Team

In almost any field, you are required to work with others, at least to some capacity. Some of us work very closely with those that surround us from 9 to 5 (I wish). When you have spent enough time with your co-workers, and you get to know each other, you inevitably become friends. Over the years these co-workers turned friends become more of a family.

Beacon Audio Video was founded on the basis of simply being the best at what we do. Simply wanting to be the best isn’t enough. You have to start by hiring the best. That is exactly what we have done. Each and every employee currently with us has all worked with the others for a minimum of 5 years. This not only breeds loyalty to the company, but also instills a greater sense of responsibility to the company and to each other.

Any one of us can go out to do an install with anyone else and already know what the other is going to do before they do it. This type of comradery is amazing and allows us to focus more on the client’s needs rather than our own logistics. We have assembled an incredible team at Beacon and in doing so, we have created an extraordinary extended family.

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