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Commercial Security

Take command of your business security from anywhere with remote management and monitoring features that keep you in the know 24/7.

Business Alarm Systems

  • Reduce the threat from career burglars with a professionally installed and monitored commercial security system

  • Use one-tap control from a touch screen or mobile device to arm and disarm from anywhere
  • Receive security notifications for any suspicious activity on your Cincinnati or Dayton, OH property from your business alarm system


Access Real-Time and Recorded Footage Anytime for Security and Quality Control
  • Track business activity from your smartphone with live and recorded footage.
  • Extensive video analytics isolate activity trends and potential threats.
  • Keep sensitive surveillance footage secure through encryption protocols.

Entry Systems / Access Control

Control and Monitor Access to Your Property with Innovative Technology
  • Ensure authorized access only via keycards, codes, biometrics or mobile apps
  • Detailed entry logs and security alerts keep you informed of who comes and goes
  • User interface makes it easy to quickly add and remove employees from your system

Remote Access / Monitoring

Take Your Business Security with You Wherever You Go with Dedicated Apps
  • Alarm systems are monitored around the clock to assist in case of an emergency
  • Notifications via text or email alert you of any emergencies or suspicious activity
  • Have access to surveillance footage and security event data from anywhere

Automated Door Locks

Verify Only Approved Personnel Enter Your Property with Automated Door Locks
  • Keyless entry systems integrate with your building automation system
  • Outfit inventory areas and server rooms with automated locks for added security
  • Instantly receive text or email alerts when anyone enters or leaves your property

Testing and Maintenance

Gain peace of mind that your security system is always protecting your business
  • Ensure you have the latest firmware with regular system updates
  • Monitor the health of your system from an intuitive interface
  • Receive immediate alerts when there is a problem with your system

Protect Your Facilities With Commercial-Grade Security Solutions

Are you looking for a more proactive way to protect your business? Let us design a security solution tailored to your unique needs featuring the latest security technology.

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