What to Consider When Planning Your Landscape Lighting Design


Check Out Some Key Tips from Our Landscape Lighting Experts

Landscape lighting does much more than illuminate our Centerville, OH properties after sunset. It adds ambiance to our exterior living spaces and extends our outdoor activities into the evening. It makes our homes feel more friendly and familiar while increasing our sense of safety and security.

Landscape lighting designs look different from curb to curb, which can make planning one from scratch a bit tricky. Which areas should you illuminate? Which lighting techniques are best? Which lighting fixtures should you choose? Let our lighting experts help. We dive into these considerations below.

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The Best Locations to Install Your Home Security Cameras


Where to Install Your Surveillance Cameras to Optimize Your Home’s Security

Keeping your home and family safe in is your top priority, which is why you want to invest in the best security for your property. And when security is integrated with a home automation system, you can also get additional smart functionality to give you that next level of peace of mind. But knowing just where to put cameras to best protect your Cincinnati, OH, home can be tricky. This is why having a professional security camera installation is key to providing your home the level of security that can make you feel safest.

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The Benefits Of Outdoor Patio Shades


Enjoy more of your home in the summer months by protecting your outside entertainment areas

The warm weather is just about here, and with it comes the opportunity to entertain outdoors. It is one of the great pleasures of homeownership to have family and friends over for food and fun. 

Extending your home living to the outside provides the benefits of fresh air, a sense of freedom, and serotoninproduction, the hormone associated with happiness. The summer sun does bring with it the potential for overbearing heat and eye squinting glare.  

You can make your outdoor space more useable by installing outdoor patio shades in your Dayton, OH, home. Are you interested in learning more? 

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The Elements Of Home Theater Design


Learn What It Takes To Have The Best Cinema Experience, Right In Your House

If you are a movie fan, you understand the power of film to move you. The medium is one of the few that combines elements from all of the arts to create genuinely transformative moments. A theater brings the excitement of the multiplex right into your house. The technology accentuates the story on screen, fading the line between the two worlds.

Home theater design requires close coordination between your team of architects and designers with our expert installers. We consider how everything from construction and decor affects how the technology is implemented, all with the goal of providing you with the ultimate experience.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities of building a private cinema in your Mason, OH smart home? Read more below to find out how.

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How to Add Your Personal Touch to Motorized Window Shades


Motorized Shades Can  Stylishly Enhance Your Decor and Atmosphere 

Technology has advanced at such a breakneck speed, and your options for smart home technology are seemingly endless. If we could recommend one piece of smart technology for your Centerville, OH, home, it would be motorized window shades.

Motorized window treatments are a convenient way to manage the natural light in your home and protect your privacy. They can also work with your smart thermostat to manage your home’s climate so that your HVAC system doesn’t work overtime, resulting in a lower energy bill every month. 

If you’re worried that installing motorized window shades will disrupt the interior decor you’ve worked hard to create, you need not worry. Homeowners can choose a color, style, and fabric that complements each room’s design in their home. Keep reading to find out how easy the customization process is!

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