4 Common Myths About Motorized Window Treatments


When It Comes to Motorized Window Treatments, Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

Some time ago, opening and closing your window shades with the touch of a button seemed like a scene from a sci-fi movie. Nowadays, motorized window treatments are an integral part of any home automation project and are usually the first step toward taking your home comforts to the next level in Dayton, OH and surrounding areas.

However, given the almost futuristic nature of motorized shades or blinds, it can be understandable to have some reservations about them. So read on and let the experts at Beacon Audio Video Systems debunk the most common myths about motorized window treatments.

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3 Essential Home Automation Features You Don’t Want to Skip


Start Your Home Automation Project on the Right Foot with These Must-Have Features

Automating your home in Cincinnati, OH, and surrounding areas is a big undertaking, and getting started can seem overwhelming. So, your first step should be to look at the essential home automation features that you just can’t do without, as they will give you a good baseline to start mapping out your project and set realistic timelines and budgets. 

While online research can absolutely help you get informed (as you will see below), keep in mind that the best possible way to begin is going to a professional like the home technology experts at Beacon Audio Video Systems for a consultation. That way, you’ll get a personalized project outline that optimizes home automation features tailored to your home and needs. Our projects are also scalable, so it’s easy to expand if you want to add other features down the line. Read on to learn more!

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Your Family Deserves a Professional Home Theater Installation


Let Beacon Audio Video Systems create a high quality luxury home theater for your home.

Who doesn’t love the idea of a home theater? How many people probably think it’s a simple project they can do themselves? Home theater installation, like movies themselves, is an art form. There are many details that can be overlooked if you aren’t completely sure of what you’re doing -- details that may seem small and inconsequential but can make a huge difference in your overall viewing experience.

Read on to learn why hiring a home theater installation company like Beacon Audio Video Systems is ideal for your luxury theater in your Cincinnati, Ohio home.

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Increase The Reliability, Performance, And Security of Your Commercial Network


A Better-Built Network Keeps Your Business Productive and Flexible

Today’s business requires secure and flexible connectivity to deliver services and become more productive. To deliver this uncompromised support and communication, you need the expertise of a premier network installation company.

The essential components such as wireless routers, managed switches, and cabling are available from the local technology store, but that does not assure reliability. It is the experience of installing systems for high-performing businesses like yours in the Dayton, OH area that guarantees higher speeds and safer communication. 

Are you ready to step up your Dayton, OH, company's data infrastructure? Keep reading to discover how.

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The Many Benefits of Working with a Home Automation Company


Make your home even more luxurious and comfortable with smart home technology

Interested in making your home even more of a customized sanctuary? Smart home technology is all the rage in Cincinnati, OH, and surrounding areas. The prospect of researching your options may seem overwhelming, but the home technology experts at Beacon Audio Video Systems are here to help. With so many benefits to working with a home automation company like ours, you’ll wonder why you waited so long!

Read on to learn more about how a home automation company can radically change your home for the better with smart technology solutions.

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