Stylish and comfortable outdoor patio with wicker furniture and dark wood lattice covering above.


As the days grow longer, the sunlight and warm weather entice us to spend more time outside. Most of us find solace in relaxing on the back patio with lush greenery and flowers stimulating the senses. Whether enjoying a morning cup of coffee or practicing yoga to relieve stress, a comfortable patio gives you the room to be you. 

However, as spring's moderate days turn into blazingly hot summer afternoons that drive you inside, you will probably ask, “How can I cool my patio for all-day use?” Outdoor patio shades provide the comfort you desire, allowing you to connect with nature while protecting you from the sweltering heat and annoying insects.  

Are you intrigued by the possibility of enhancing your living space and avoiding the heat in your Dayton, OH, home? Then continue reading below to find out more!

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The Benefits of Home Automation

A man adjusting home temperature from mobile phone.

Technology That Combines Comfort, Convenience, and Peace of Mind

There was a time when home automation was a distant dream. But thanks to great strides made in the world of technology, we now have a wide range of automated systems that can convert your humble abode into a smart home. Wondering if it’s worth automating your home in Cincinnati, OH? It sure is! Read on to know why.

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Here’s Why Motorized Shades Are a Must-Have for Your Smart Home

a bedroom with closed motorized shades and a bed with tan and brown comforter and brown and silver pillows.

Motorized window treatments offer energy efficiency, UV protection, and more

Window coverings are vital to every home. But smart living spaces demand motorized window treatments with superior functionality. While manual window treatments have their own benefits, motorized shades are far more convenient and practical. Besides being more energy efficient, they enhance comfort and privacy. Read on to discover how they can benefit your home in Dayton, OH. 

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Four Reasons A Control4 Dealer Provides Luxury and Convenience

A Control4 touch panel on the wall shows an album cover with a living room in the background.

Discover The Many Ways A Professional Home Automation System Makes The Most Of Your Living Spaces

A luxury home offers the ultimate comfort; it is where you enjoy the results of your hard work and dedication. The spaces you inhabit should inspire creativity, help you recharge, and fulfill your needs and desires. 

Working with a Control4 dealer enables you to transform your home, allowing you to personalize every moment. Our industry-certified team of professional designers and installers does not rely on cookie-cutter solutions; we work closely with you to build perfect living spaces. 

Want to learn more about how you can improve how you live in your Cincinnati, OH, home? Continue reading below. 

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Upgrade Your Home Security with an Access Control System

a person swiping a keycard on a card reader

Advanced access control offers better protection and peace of mind 

Are you planning on upgrading your home’s security system? A new access control system is a great start! 

Besides ensuring maximum protection, you get to monitor who visits your home, even when you’re not there. Access control instills peace of mind, letting you know who visits your home and puts you in charge of who to let inside, with little or no chance of your home security being compromised. 

Read on to discover how an access system can improve the security of your Dayton, OH, home. 

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