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A Whole-Home Audio System Brings Your Living Spaces to Life

An open-concept living space accented by wood floor and contemporary furnishing.

Discover How Audiophile Quality Music in Any Room Enhances Your Lifestyle and Inspires Better Living

Music is an essential component of our lives; it touches the most primitive and intellectual parts of the brain. The melodies and rhythms drive creativity and happiness from the first note of a song or the lasting impact of a new discovery.  

Leonard Bernstein, the remarkable and influential conductor and world educator exemplified this sentiment by often telling his young audiences, "Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable." 

The soundscapes we inhabit can infuse inspiration, promote the flow of ideas, lift the spirit, and enliven every moment. A whole-home audio distribution system puts this raw power and dynamic energy where you want it when you want it. The music moves you, bringing more life to a backyard barbeque, adding some atmosphere to dinner, or giving you solace during a yoga routine. 

Are you curious about how music can bring your Cincinnati, OH home to life? Continue reading below to discover more. 

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Are You Not Entertained?

A media room featuring a sony LS projector and projector screen.

Check Out How a Professional AV Installation Makes Watching Games and Movies More Enjoyable

Imagine this! It’s the weekend, and you are working from the home office on a Monday presentation. The kids are at school. Your spouse is reading in the media room. But in a few hours, everyone will be at the home theater watching the football game or enjoying a movie. This is all made possible with AV installation from Beacon Audio Video Systems.

At Beacon, we understand your smart home is unique. That’s why we design and install AV systems to enhance how you experience it. Here are three ways a professional audio-video system can improve every space in your smart home in Dayton, OH.

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Control4: The Foremost Brand in Sophisticated Home Automation Systems


A Control4 Authorized Dealer Will Let You Harness the Full Power of Home Automation

Everyone has a little automation in their lives, whether they have their lights programmed to come on at night or their phone reads them reminders when they wake up in the morning. Automation isn't just about convenience; it's the way we can make processes faster and smarter. When it comes to your home, you want easy management and convenience too. There are many home automation solutions out there with all manner of sophistication from low to high. If you are contemplating a new home automation system for your Mason, OH  home, you should consider the benefits of a professionally installed Control4 smart home system. Keep reading below to see how a Control4 dealer can give you reliable, sophisticated smart home automation for the long term.

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The Tech You Need to Bring the Entertainment Outdoors


Enjoy a Private Home Theater Experience Al Fresco Style

Drive-in movie theaters have been an icon of American culture since the 1930s. While the rise of walk-in theater houses and sprawling suburbia eventually curbed the growth of the drive-in industry, the heart of comfortable, convenient, open-air movie viewing lives on today and can even be enjoyed in your backyard with the right outdoor entertainment technology.

In fact, your outdoor home theater can be personalized to you with several options for displays, speakers, and other technology that makes your entertainment system reliable and simple to use. Discover what you’ll need for your very own open-air home theater in Cincinnati, OH (sans the cars).

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Top Reasons to Upgrade Your Video Distribution System

Add New Sights and Sounds to Your Business with a Video System

The days of having just one display at your business are gone. Now, most companies have multiple displays throughout their buildings – in the conference rooms, in small meeting rooms, or in the lobby. The question is: Are they all connected? With a robust video distribution system at your business in Cincinnati, OH, you control every display – anywhere in the building – at the touch of a button. 

Whether you’re doing a presentation for audiences in different rooms, or you need a marketing piece displayed on all your screens throughout the building, a video system is the perfect way to communicate your message. Read more to explore the benefits of installing a video distribution system at your place of business.

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A Video Distribution System Makes Everyone in Your Family Happy


Enjoy Your Favorite Shows and Movies in Every Room with a Whole-Home Video System

Each person in your family is unique. You all have different interests, different personalities, and different tastes in entertainment. Try to sit down to watch something on TV with the family, and you’re likely to experience a lively debate about the “best” show or movie. Even though you have special moments when everyone agrees, there are times when you’ll be at an impasse.

Instead of wasting time in front of the TV flipping channels or browsing Netflix for the perfect program, why not upgrade to a robust video distribution system? Not only does whole-home video elevate your entertainment experience, but it settles all disputes about the perfect show to watch. Read our blog to see how video distribution makes your home in Dayton, OH, both smarter and happier.

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4 Beneficial Applications for Video Distribution in the Workplace


Convey Messages Quickly and Effectively with One-Tap Video Distribution to Any Displays in Your Office

If you run a collaborative business, you know how important it is to communicate ideas, metrics, opportunities, and accomplishments with everyone in the workplace. Consistent communication reinforces company goals and helps keep everyone on the same page.

One of the most effective ways to streamline communication throughout your workplace is by harnessing the power of a video distribution system. Not only does video distribution make it easy to direct video, presentations, and more to any room from a single device, but it also eliminates cluttered source components, a plethora of messy wiring, and frustrating video latency.

Take communication and collaboration within your company to the next level. Keep reading below for four ways you can apply video distribution in your Mason, OH workplace.


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