Add New Dimensions to Your Home Theater Experience


An Advanced Surround Sound System Enhances the Thrill and Chills of the Movies and the Music You Love

As an art form, film has the unparalleled power to stir the soul, move you to empathy, and invigorate your curiosity. Neurologists and psychologists believe that the audiovisual stimulation and the thrill of a well-written storyline act as cathartic agents, allowing you to suspend yourself in the experience. 

Whether you find excitement in the action-packed Marvel Cinematic Universe series or the elegance of Hollywood’s golden age, the spine-tingling moments are created by the music and effects. A home theater with surround sound heightens your senses and opens your ears; it builds tension and emphasizes the moment stimulating the endorphin rush and swoons. 

Are you ready to hear more from the movies and music you love in your home in the greater Cincinnati, OH area? Continue reading to learn how a home theater designers help you get the ultimate sound quality. 

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Your Family Deserves a Professional Home Theater Installation


Let Beacon Audio Video Systems create a high quality luxury home theater for your home.

Who doesn’t love the idea of a home theater? How many people probably think it’s a simple project they can do themselves? Home theater installation, like movies themselves, is an art form. There are many details that can be overlooked if you aren’t completely sure of what you’re doing -- details that may seem small and inconsequential but can make a huge difference in your overall viewing experience.

Read on to learn why hiring a home theater installation company like Beacon Audio Video Systems is ideal for your luxury theater in your Cincinnati, Ohio home.

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Bring The Cinema Experience Home


Always Have The Best Seat In The House With A Custom Home Theater

The magic of storytelling is what movies are all about, and the joy of being moved in unexpected ways. Films provide us a window into others’ perspectives. They invoke powerful emotional responses that make us laugh, cheer, and cry, often all of this within moments of each other.

The cinema experience is an exceptional one. These temples of the moving image always bring with them a sense of excitement and anticipation. The act of sitting in a darkened room dedicated to watching events unfold onscreen is a fantastic moment.  

Continue reading to see how home theater systems bring the drama and excitement of a superior sound and video to your home in Dayton, OH, or surrounding areas.

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4 Oscar-Nominated Films That’ll Put Your Home Theater to the Test


Elevate Your Home Theater Experience with These Films Noted for Best Sound Editing

Every year, movie lovers around the world turn their attention to the Academy Awards to celebrate the pinnacle of filmmaking. While you may be familiar with award categories like Best Picture and Best Actor, one that often goes unnoticed but is integral to the making of any film is Best Sound Editing.

Want to put your home theater installation to the test? Watch (and listen to) the following Oscar-nominated films for Best Sound Editing! After all, surround sound isn’t only about speaker quality. Room layout and acoustics matter, too. See the movie list below, as well as some tips to ensure your home theater in Cincinnati, OH is designed to optimize any auditory experience.


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