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A media room featuring a sony LS projector and projector screen.

Check Out How a Professional AV Installation Makes Watching Games and Movies More Enjoyable

Imagine this! It’s the weekend, and you are working from the home office on a Monday presentation. The kids are at school. Your spouse is reading in the media room. But in a few hours, everyone will be at the home theater watching the football game or enjoying a movie. This is all made possible with AV installation from Beacon Audio Video Systems.

At Beacon, we understand your smart home is unique. That’s why we design and install AV systems to enhance how you experience it. Here are three ways a professional audio-video system can improve every space in your smart home in Dayton, OH.

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How to Capitalize on Audio-Video Distribution for Your Eatery


Keep Customers Coming Back—and Spending More—with the Right AV Strategy

Like wine and chocolate or milk and cookies, dining and entertainment are a timeless pair. We bet you can’t walk into a trendy restaurant or bar in Dayton, OH without hearing the hums of background music or seeing the latest sports games on TV.

A quality audio-video installation will not only attract more patrons but can also influence the way they spend their time and money with you—when you have the right strategies in place. Keep reading for three ways you can capitalize on a professional AV distribution system for your restaurant or bar.

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