The Importance In Having your Audiovisual (AV) In-Sync With Your Information Technology (IT) Providers


Audiovisual products have quickly evolved and become integrated with existing IP, wireless, and mobile infrastructures making the relationship between your IT provider and your AV provider very important. QSC and Spiceworks released a study of more than 150 IT buyers and professionals to learn what they wanted from Audiovisual integrators.

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Designing & Building a Home Theater #1 - It's a Process, So You Need to Know What's Involved Before You Start


This guide will help you design and build a home theater. It all starts with a plan so we need to figure out the available space and budget you have for your home theater project. This series will deal with what's involved in building a home theater and not delve into specific product selection. Technology is fast moving and today's new hot equipment can become yesterday's news very quickly.

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Commercial Audiovisual Tips - What Your Lobby and Meeting Rooms Say About Your Business


Your lobby, meeting room and public areas of your business say a lot about what your company values as important. You've heard the old saying, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression!" It's as true today as when it was first created. Companies may be stylish, organized, on the ball, and tech savvy, but if that's not how they are perceived my strategic partners and clients, they will have a problem. Many strategic partners and clients first get to know your company by visiting your office. The first place they see is your lobby and most likely the next please will be one of your meeting rooms. Don't blow your first impression!

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