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Increase The Reliability, Performance, And Security of Your Commercial Network


A Better-Built Network Keeps Your Business Productive and Flexible

Today’s business requires secure and flexible connectivity to deliver services and become more productive. To deliver this uncompromised support and communication, you need the expertise of a premier network installation company.

The essential components such as wireless routers, managed switches, and cabling are available from the local technology store, but that does not assure reliability. It is the experience of installing systems for high-performing businesses like yours in the Dayton, OH area that guarantees higher speeds and safer communication. 

Are you ready to step up your Dayton, OH, company's data infrastructure? Keep reading to discover how.

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Enable A Faster And More Secure Network In Your Home


Learn how our designs focus on meeting the demands of your streaming and remote work video conferences.

Connectivity to the Internet or between devices in your home is an essential component of modern living. A smart home without a reliable network is as unimaginable as one without electricity or indoor plumbing. 

Online access provides your home with an almost infinite array of entertainment options, from 4K streaming movies from Netflix and Dolby Atmos music from Spotify to news and social media. While your home’s router is hardwired, most people utilize a wireless connection.

Is your whole-home WiFi plagued by dropouts, content lagging, or the dreaded ‘buffering data’ messages? At Beacon Audio Video Systems, our PCNA certified staff installs networks that exceed expectations. Continue reading to learn how your home in Dayton, OH and surrounding areas can have better, safer connections.

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