Installing Your Own Wi-Fi Network? Consider These Three Things First


Here’s What You Want to Think About

Most of us don't remember a time before the internet. Nowadays, everyone and everything is connected, because it’s the simplest way to get information in the shortest amount of time from anywhere in the world. No one needs to be convinced anymore because it is just a way of life. Whether you are working from home, doing distance learning, or just streaming your favorite content, we all utilize it regularly in our homes. So it makes sense that you need a robust network with all that activity. But do you install your Cincinnati whole-home Wi-Fi network yourself? Or let the experts handle it? Before you go it alone, consider these three things. 

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Quality and Installation of Equipment

If you’ve ever set up a home network yourself, you know that finding the ideal location for your router is like naming your baby. You go through every possible choice, knowing that once it’s done, you’re still not sure if that was the best one. A professional installer like Beacon Audio Video, though, knows where to place equipment to optimize your home’s wirelesssignal. Plus, the equipment is of higher quality, meaning it's built to commercial-quality specificationsand won't need replacement as often as what you might find at your local electronics store or Amazon.

Prioritizing Your Devices and Signal Traffic

We’ve all struggled with spotty internet connectionsat home. You might even be tempted toput off doing certain tasks until everyone has gone to bed so that youcould be sure to get a strong signal. This might be manageable in a small household with a handful of devices, but a larger home with manydevices and a home automation systemand AV equipment that also rely on a strongwirelessnetworkcan make it difficult. But a professional installer can help you by installing a network system that can prioritize device trafficto optimize your bandwidth and connection to the internet.

Remote Access and Management

Another advantage of having your home network installed by a professional is remote access. If you’ve ever had an issue with your internet connection, you may have called your provider, who might walk you through a lengthy process of remedies you may have already tried to get online again. But with a professionalhome wireless network installation, you can have your network remotely monitored and have many connectivity issues fixed remotelyThe result?You and your family can surf and stream and go about your daily tasks without ever having to deal with the hassle of long service calls. 

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