Designing & Building a Home Theater #7 – Tips for Placing Screens, Projectors, and Speakers...


When you’re ready to set up a new home theater receiver, the first step is figuring out where to put it. It may seem like a simple point, but there are several factors to consider. After all, every component and speaker in your system will need to be connected to your receiver. Correct placement of system components with respect to each other as well as within your room , is a major contributor towards achieving that much-desired movie experience in the home. It may not always be possible to opt for the best equipment placement if you are installing in a shared environment such as the living room. But knowing the basic requirements for an effective design is important. Do not be tempted to proceed with a home theater installation before doing detailed planning of your home theater room design. Inappropriate plans can affect the theater experience but can also lead to costly mistakes. Even though this article concentrates mainly on the dedicated home theater room design, most of the principles discussed still apply in a shared environment.

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Designing & Building a Home Theater #8 - Tips For Where to Place Your A/V Equipment, and Furniture...


Home theaters require a full range of components that may include good quality speakers and subwoofers, a home theater receiver, a good flat-screen TV, cables, power protection, the right furniture and more. The following is the last addition the Designing & Building a Home Theater Series and has professional tips that will help you decide where and how to place your AV Equipment, Furniture, and more...

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Tips for Transforming Your Home Theater Experience into a Movie Theater...


You can have a theater-caliber experience at home with as little fuss as possible when it's all designed and installed correctly. It starts with a big screen, a surround sound system, and other audio/visual components. Now if the equipment is too difficult to operate you will lose interest in your investment.

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Add New Dimensions to Your Home Theater Experience


An Advanced Surround Sound System Enhances the Thrill and Chills of the Movies and the Music You Love

As an art form, film has the unparalleled power to stir the soul, move you to empathy, and invigorate your curiosity. Neurologists and psychologists believe that the audiovisual stimulation and the thrill of a well-written storyline act as cathartic agents, allowing you to suspend yourself in the experience. 

Whether you find excitement in the action-packed Marvel Cinematic Universe series or the elegance of Hollywood’s golden age, the spine-tingling moments are created by the music and effects. A home theater with surround sound heightens your senses and opens your ears; it builds tension and emphasizes the moment stimulating the endorphin rush and swoons. 

Are you ready to hear more from the movies and music you love in your home in the greater Cincinnati, OH area? Continue reading to learn how a home theater designers help you get the ultimate sound quality. 

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The Latest Technology in Sound and Audio Brings Home Theaters to Life


Experience the Ultimate Cinematic Experience With the Help of Home Theater Installers

There was a time when, to get the true cinematic experience, we dressed for the occasion, headed to our cars, and drove to the nearest movie theater. We may have headed to the Cinemark and enjoyed luxury loungers and a wall-to-wall screen, or to CineBistro to combine a gourmet dinner with a movie, or maybe to The Neon for an intimate experience. 

We have a lot of choices in Dayton, OH, and the surrounding areas. But what if we could have that same, or better, immersive entertainment experience right in our own home? And what if our home theater installation could exceed our greatest expectations, rivaling that of any theater in the area? 

Well, get out the popcorn and the epicurean delights because you can have it all. But, first, let's look at the latest technologies that are transforming the home theater experience. 

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A Premier Home Theater System That Will Exceed Your Expectations


Bring The Thrills and Excitement of the Cinema to Your House

The influence and aura of the movies have been a pivotal art form for over 120 years. Its impact on all other mediums cannot be understated. Films have sparked revolutions in political and cultural arenas, showing us what may be possible and shaping our understanding of the world. Given such influence and power, your viewing experience should respect that special relationship.

Directors, along with their cinematographers, craft their stories to be seen on the big screen. The effects, framing, and shots are intended for a theatrical setting’s unique atmosphere. As a result, a home theater recreates and often exceeds the excitement and the experiential sense of the best multiplex moments.

Are you Intrigued about bringing the best of movies to your Cincinnati, OH  and surrounding area smart homes? Read below to learn more.

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Enable A Faster And More Secure Network In Your Home


Learn how our designs focus on meeting the demands of your streaming and remote work video conferences.

Connectivity to the Internet or between devices in your home is an essential component of modern living. A smart home without a reliable network is as unimaginable as one without electricity or indoor plumbing. 

Online access provides your home with an almost infinite array of entertainment options, from 4K streaming movies from Netflix and Dolby Atmos music from Spotify to news and social media. While your home’s router is hardwired, most people utilize a wireless connection.

Is your whole-home WiFi plagued by dropouts, content lagging, or the dreaded ‘buffering data’ messages? At Beacon Audio Video Systems, our PCNA certified staff installs networks that exceed expectations. Continue reading to learn how your home in Dayton, OH and surrounding areas can have better, safer connections.

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A Home Automation Company Brings You Complete Control At the Touch of a Button


The Right Company Provides You Automation That Fits your Needs and Enhances Your Lifestyle.

A smart home is more than adding technology just for the sake of it. With the CES show just ending, you might be full of ideas and some questions concerning what it takes to make a home smart. 

The luxury and convenience of an automated home brings you control of your house’s entire ecosystem at the touch of a button. Combining all of your home’s functions under a seamless and reliable interface requires an in-depth understanding of how technology can meet human-centric needs. 

 A home automation company has the skill and experience to make your Springboro, OH smart home dreams come true. 

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Build Your HomeTheater with a Sony 4K Projector


Get A Movie Theater Experience In Your Dayton Home With SONY’s Top-Of-The-Line Projectors

Spending time at home has taken on a whole new meaning, thanks to COVID-19 and quarantine measures. With all this time at home to watch content, listen to music, and play video games with your kids, have you thought about building your own home theater? Having a home theater can give you opportunities beyond just watching movies, and it can provide years of entertainment for you and your family. 

When designing and building a home theater, you’ll need a reliable, high-performance projector. Our recommendation is a 4K projector from Sony — the company that introduced the first 4K projector. Sony is a household name and a pioneer in audio and video technologies for the past 50 years. We’ll walk you through why a Sony 4K projector is worth the investment for your Dayton, OH, home.

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What You Need To Know About 4K TVs And Projectors


From 4K televisions to Sony 4K projectors, 4K has become the new standard

In the past few years, 4K has come to the mainstream media market, becoming the new standard for residential video. Learn why you’ll want 4K in your Cincinnati OH home, whether it be a television in a media room or a Sony 4K projector in a luxury home theater.

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