Transform Your Outdoor Space with an Outdoor Home Theater


Today’s TVs and Speakers Create Unforgettable Outdoor Entertainment

Now is the time when families and friends mingle by the barbeque, enjoying the long days of summer. So what better way to spend the evening than watching your favorite movies while surrounded by soft-lit landscape lights and stars overhead? Let's take a look at what an outdoor home theater installation in Dayton, OH entails, and what type of equipment turns outdoor movie night into an unforgettable experience.

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4 Features That Make Control4 the Top Name in Home Automation


Control4 Systems Are Scalable, Intuitive, Customizable and Professionally Supported

Most homes today have a collection of smart devices, from Nest thermostats to Amazon Echo speakers to Ring doorbells and more. While these devices offer several everyday benefits by themselves, they become even more powerful when they can work together.

A Control4 home automation system brings your smart devices under one platform so that they can communicate and synchronize to make your life even more convenient, comfortable, and secure.

As a certified Control4 dealer serving Springboro, OH and surrounding areas, our team at Beacon Audio Video Systems would love to tell you why we trust Control4 for our smart home installations. Keep reading to learn four features that make Control4 a top name in home automation.

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4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Patio Shades

Take Your Activities Outside and Stay Protected from Sun and Bugs

The first sign of pleasant weather in Cincinnati, OH brings everyone outside for their favorite activities. Even at home, you can enjoy the summer season in the backyard—that is, if you have proper protection from the elements. Get more enjoyment from your outdoor living spaces with outdoor patio shades!

Outdoor shades present several advantages beyond keeping the sun out of your face. Keep reading to learn four ways you can make the most of this smart home solution this summer and in any season.

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Embellish Your Landscape with These Fixtures from WAC Lighting


A Well-Planned Landscape Lighting Design Showcases Your Unique Home After Dark

You spend time and money maintaining your beautiful home exterior and outdoor living spaces, so why should you lose sight of those views when the sun goes down? Landscape lighting is an effective way to spruce up your gardens, patio, pool, and the architectural features of your façade.

The best landscape lighting designs are not just well planned, but they’re also crafted using high-quality outdoor light fixtures that encourage creativity while increasing home security. Consider brands like WAC Lighting, which manufactures an impressive range of energy-efficient LED landscape light fixtures that withstand the elements and complement any unique style.

Get inspired for your own landscape lighting system by learning about a few fixture options from WAC Lighting that will enhance or even transform the look of your home in Dayton, OH.

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How to Add Your Personal Touch to Motorized Window Shades


Motorized Shades Can  Stylishly Enhance Your Decor and Atmosphere 

Technology has advanced at such a breakneck speed, and your options for smart home technology are seemingly endless. If we could recommend one piece of smart technology for your Centerville, OH, home, it would be motorized window shades.

Motorized window treatments are a convenient way to manage the natural light in your home and protect your privacy. They can also work with your smart thermostat to manage your home’s climate so that your HVAC system doesn’t work overtime, resulting in a lower energy bill every month. 

If you’re worried that installing motorized window shades will disrupt the interior decor you’ve worked hard to create, you need not worry. Homeowners can choose a color, style, and fabric that complements each room’s design in their home. Keep reading to find out how easy the customization process is!

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