Enhance Your Home Theater Installation with Custom Seating


Discover How Your Movie-Watching Experience Can Be More Luxurious and Family Friendly

Movies are the most immersive of art forms; while the storylines, characters, and multidimensional audio draw you in, the room’s environment can make or break the moments. The atmosphere, ambiance, and comfort of your home theater installation contribute to the sense of anticipation we feel before a film starts.

Whether your aesthetics lean toward modern minimalism or the eclectic gilded lushness, the details inside the room should satisfy your expectations. Custom seating furnishes you with the ultimate luxury viewing while accommodating the dynamic of your family.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your home in the Greater Dayton, OH area? Then continue reading below to discover more. 

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Your Family Deserves a Professional Home Theater Installation


Let Beacon Audio Video Systems create a high quality luxury home theater for your home.

Who doesn’t love the idea of a home theater? How many people probably think it’s a simple project they can do themselves? Home theater installation, like movies themselves, is an art form. There are many details that can be overlooked if you aren’t completely sure of what you’re doing -- details that may seem small and inconsequential but can make a huge difference in your overall viewing experience.

Read on to learn why hiring a home theater installation company like Beacon Audio Video Systems is ideal for your luxury theater in your Cincinnati, Ohio home.

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3 Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Home Theater Installation


Get the Best Results for Your Home Theater in Dayton, OH

Many people want a home theater in their home, and they might think they can install it themselves. Like any home project, what looks simple often turns out to be anything but that. You might be surprised to learn that many things can go wrong when embarking on a  home theater project in your home. Learn the common mistakes you should avoid when planning a home theater installation in your Dayton, OH home.


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The Latest Technology in Sound and Audio Brings Home Theaters to Life


Experience the Ultimate Cinematic Experience With the Help of Home Theater Installers

There was a time when, to get the true cinematic experience, we dressed for the occasion, headed to our cars, and drove to the nearest movie theater. We may have headed to the Cinemark and enjoyed luxury loungers and a wall-to-wall screen, or to CineBistro to combine a gourmet dinner with a movie, or maybe to The Neon for an intimate experience. 

We have a lot of choices in Dayton, OH, and the surrounding areas. But what if we could have that same, or better, immersive entertainment experience right in our own home? And what if our home theater installation could exceed our greatest expectations, rivaling that of any theater in the area? 

Well, get out the popcorn and the epicurean delights because you can have it all. But, first, let's look at the latest technologies that are transforming the home theater experience. 

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Enjoy the Ultimate Media Experience with a Home Theater

When was the last time you went to the movies? In many places, it nearly seems like a distant memory from the past. Just because this year has left you unable to enjoy entertainment away from home doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to enjoy it all together.

A home theater installation for your Centerville, OH home is a valuable investment and will prove to be the gift that keeps giving year after year. With a custom home theater space, you'll enjoy sound and image quality that rivals the best from commercial cinemas. Read on to find out why a home theater system will do so much more for you than give you a place to watch movies on Friday nights.

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4 Oscar-Nominated Films That’ll Put Your Home Theater to the Test


Elevate Your Home Theater Experience with These Films Noted for Best Sound Editing

Every year, movie lovers around the world turn their attention to the Academy Awards to celebrate the pinnacle of filmmaking. While you may be familiar with award categories like Best Picture and Best Actor, one that often goes unnoticed but is integral to the making of any film is Best Sound Editing.

Want to put your home theater installation to the test? Watch (and listen to) the following Oscar-nominated films for Best Sound Editing! After all, surround sound isn’t only about speaker quality. Room layout and acoustics matter, too. See the movie list below, as well as some tips to ensure your home theater in Cincinnati, OH is designed to optimize any auditory experience.


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