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Let Beacon Audio Video Systems create a high quality luxury home theater for your home.

Who doesn’t love the idea of a home theater? How many people probably think it’s a simple project they can do themselves? Home theater installation, like movies themselves, is an art form. There are many details that can be overlooked if you aren’t completely sure of what you’re doing -- details that may seem small and inconsequential but can make a huge difference in your overall viewing experience.

Read on to learn why hiring a home theater installation company like Beacon Audio Video Systems is ideal for your luxury theater in your Cincinnati, Ohio home.

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We Know Which Rooms Work Best

Sure, any room in your home could technically work for a home theater -- but they aren’t all equal! Ideally, you want a space that is isolated from distracting noises, like the clanging in the kitchen or the laughter from children’s bedrooms. Those areas may not be easy to treat for quality acoustics. Living rooms and other common areas also may not be ideal in terms of lighting. Unless you have motorized shades for a complete blackout effect, natural sunlight can cast an unwanted glare on your screen. We recommend rectangular rooms for ultimate sound quality. Our technicians can take into consideration the exact design of your home when recommending the ideal spot. 

Watch Movies On An Appropriate-Sized Screen

When it comes to screen sizing, many people think bigger is always better. Would you be surprised to learn that this isn’t always the case? In reality, there’s some nuance when it comes to screen size and seating distance: that is, how far your reclining seats (or couch or lounge chair) is from the moving picture. You don’t want to strain your neck or burden your eyes, so we recommend a range that is roughly 1.6 times the diagonal screen measurement. We also take the height of your seats into consideration when calculating screen size. Bet you didn’t think there would be so much math involved in creating home theaters!

Ensure Correct Seat Placement

Seat placement is just as important as screen placement for many of the same reasons. Ultimately, you don’t want some watchers to have a better view than others. You don’t want seats that block someone’s view or have angles that make for an uncomfortable viewing experience. Everyone watching should also have equal hearing access to the surround sound system. 

A Quality Home Theater Installation You Can Trust

Ready to upgrade your movie-watching experience? Beacon offers innovative home theater installation for the greater Cincinnati area. Contact us today to get started. 

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