3 Reasons You Need Paradigm Speakers in Your Home


How Paradigm Speakers Will Improve Your Cincinnati Home Audio System

Picking the right brand for your new audio system can seem intimidating with so many options to choose from. Consider selecting a company that has a well-earned, longstanding reputation. Paradigm is a Toronto-based audio company that was founded in 1982. It has become an industry leader by pushing the limits of what audio can be through patented innovations, in-house Canadian manufacturing, and proprietary materials. Learn why Paradigm Speakers are the best choice for your Cincinnati home.

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RED Technology

Paradigm has created and holds the patent on RED technology, just one of many innovations they have developed to continually improve sound quality. Reduced Edge Diffraction (RED) incorporates an unconventional twist on tweeter design. The die-cast aluminum tweeter housing enhances midrange frequencies, even in an outdoor environment, and reduces the effect of heat on the tweeter, maintaining more consistent sound production. This is achieved by its irregular edges and off-center placement, which break up the interfering standing waves that are usually created by traditional woofer cone and tweeter designs.

Choices for Every Budget

High fidelity speakers don't have to be expensive. Paradigm offer speakers for every budget. Their high-end model 9H tower from the flagship Persona Series is the perfect choice for those who want the best of the best, no matter the cost. Their mid-tier collection is called the Reference Collection and offers a variety of options for those interested in quality audio. This series features dual bass drivers and separate midrange and tweeters, as well as a bass extension that gets down below 30Hz without a subwoofer. Finally, if you are interested in just dipping your toe into high fidelity audio, Paradigm offers the Classic Collection, which starts at only $349 per speaker. Paradigm doesn't sacrifice quality despite the price point, as systems in this collection have three-way designs and sensitivity of over 90dB.

Elegant Aesthetics

For those that are conscious of their home’s décor, Paradigm offers a collection that allows aesthetics and performance to coexist seamlessly. The Décor collection blends speakers into your décor on either side of your media room’s flat-panel TV. A variety of custom options are available so that you can pick what is best for your home by combining speakers to create a high-performance audio system customized to the exact size of any flat-panel television.


Are you interested in installing Paradigm Speakers into your home? Choosing the right integrator is just as important as choosing the right audio system — partner with an integrator with a proven track record. Beacon Audio Video Systems is your local high-fidelity audio expert in the Cincinnati area. Please fill out our online form or give us a call to get started on your project today!





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