How to Increase Your Bandwidth and Network Speed at Your Home or Office...


So, what exactly does it mean to have a smart home? If the title didn’t give it away, automation is a major factor. You already use this aspect every day. If you have a coffee pot with a timer or a sprinkler system that goes off when you’re out of town, that’s automation. The success of your home's technology depends on many factors and your home network can make the biggest impact. We would like to give a few tips about how your network functions and why that affects the efficiency of your smart home system.

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Installing Your Own Wi-Fi Network? Consider These Three Things First


Here’s What You Want to Think About

Most of us don't remember a time before the internet. Nowadays, everyone and everything is connected, because it’s the simplest way to get information in the shortest amount of time from anywhere in the world. No one needs to be convinced anymore because it is just a way of life. Whether you are working from home, doing distance learning, or just streaming your favorite content, we all utilize it regularly in our homes. So it makes sense that you need a robust network with all that activity. But do you install your Cincinnati whole-home Wi-Fi network yourself? Or let the experts handle it? Before you go it alone, consider these three things. 

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