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Four Reasons A Control4 Dealer Provides Luxury and Convenience

A Control4 touch panel on the wall shows an album cover with a living room in the background.

Discover The Many Ways A Professional Home Automation System Makes The Most Of Your Living Spaces

A luxury home offers the ultimate comfort; it is where you enjoy the results of your hard work and dedication. The spaces you inhabit should inspire creativity, help you recharge, and fulfill your needs and desires. 

Working with a Control4 dealer enables you to transform your home, allowing you to personalize every moment. Our industry-certified team of professional designers and installers does not rely on cookie-cutter solutions; we work closely with you to build perfect living spaces. 

Want to learn more about how you can improve how you live in your Cincinnati, OH, home? Continue reading below. 

Let a Control4 Dealer Show You the Possibilities with Home Automation


Control4 Home Automation Systems Provide Unrivaled Convenience and Enjoyment

The wide variety of technology options can seem overwhelming for those just starting to dabble into the smart home sphere. Which system is best for my home or estate? What devices are best suited for automation? Should I start with one or two rooms or tackle the whole house at once?

At Beacon Audio Video Systems, it’s our job to help you answer those very important questions. We specialize in customized home automated solutions that elevate our client’s lifestyles and provide unprecedented ease of living.

Most importantly, we believe you shouldn’t have to scan through manuals or have an IT degree to control your smart home. That's why we are a leading Control4 dealer. No other company can beat their intuitive, easily integrated controls and automated solutions.

So, let’s explore why we recommend Control4 smart automation systems and what they can do for your home in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding areas.

Make Home Uniquely Yours with Control4 Automation


As aControl4 Dealer, We Install Smart Home Solutions that Respond tYour Lifestyle

A smart home provides the luxury and convenience of a house that not only fits but responds to your lifestyle needs. Home automation is more than pressing a button on a touch screen or on a mobile app to turn on your television or lights. While there are many over-the-counter solutions available to you, none of them give you complete control. 

Your home is a complex ecosystem of climate control, entertainment, lighting, security, and more.  You need a system that understands each day brings a new set of needs. As a Control4 dealer, we are experts in furnishing you with a home that can make you healthier, happier, and more comfortable. 

Are you ready to make your Cincinnati, OH home become an extension of you? Read below to learn how. 

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