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4 Important Audio/Visual Solutions That Will Separate Your Restaurant or Bar From Your Competition...


One of the ways to supercharge your restaurant or bar and separate yourself from your competition is to implement commercial audio-video solutions into your workplace. The following lays out 4 solutions that can make the largest impact on your customers...

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4 Audio Sources to Enjoy on Your Multi-Room Speaker System

While Streaming Reigns Supreme, It’s Not Your Only Option

When homeowners in Dayton, OH are looking for multi-room speaker systems, we like to recommend Control4. For casual listeners and music enthusiasts alike, Control4 offers great-sounding music to any room of your home through an intuitive control platform. It’s easy for the whole family to use and enjoy.

Among other unparalleled features, Control4 lets you listen to any content everywhere. You’re not limited to just streaming music services! Looking to dust off your CD collection or rediscover your digital downloads? Keep reading to learn four audio sources to enjoy throughout your home with ease when you choose Control4 for your multi-room speaker system.

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The Perfect Paradigm Speakers for Design-Conscious Audiophiles


Enjoy Uncompromising Sound without Detracting from Your Personal Style and Home Décor

You invest a lot of time and money into styling your home, whether on your own or with an interior designer. It’s no wonder many design-conscious homeowners prefer audio solutions that offer unparalleled performance without intruding on their home décor.

Our team at Beacon Audio Video Systems proudly partners with Paradigm to deliver high-performance audio solutions to hi-fi enthusiasts who have an eye for design as well as an ear for serious sound. Below, discover a few notable Paradigm speaker collections that should be on your shortlist if you’re looking for a quality audio system that doesn’t detract from the style of your Dayton, OH home.


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