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Designing & Building a Home Theater #3 - Creating A Home Theater System To Be Used in a Medium Shared Environment


This guide will help you design and build a home theater. Once you know your available space and budget for your home theater project, you can starting selecting equipment. This series will deal with what's involved in building a home theater and not delve into specific product selection. Technology is fast moving and today's new hot equipment can become yesterday's news very quickly. We've learned how to setup a small shared space and now we'll dig into what you need to lookout for when you have a medium shared space available. 

How to Create a Comprehensive Technology Plan for Your Home


Most builders, architects, and interior designers will have a problem creating a plan or budget to turn your house into a smart home. Unless you have a comprehensive smart home plan from the outset your home can become a collection of rooms with different technology in each. Offerings also change so rapidly that it's tough for home owners to even know what's available, much less if it works together or if it will be able to grow with you into the future. A technology integrator will be able to create a comprehensive smart home plan for new and existing spaces. The following tips will help you figure out what you want and how much it will cost…

What You Should Know Before Installing Surveillance Security Cameras...


It's easy to go into a big box store and get overwhelmed by all the surveillance options available. Almost all of the surveillance cameras and systems in big box stores are not commercial grade. Just for fun look up and see which surveillance camera's are being used in that big box and we bet you won't find any of the cameras or systems they are selling you. OUCH!

Why Home Builders And Architects Should Have An Audio Visual Partner...


Builders, developers, architects & designers could profit by collaborating from design to implementation & installation of audio video systems, smart home automation, surveillance systems, lighting & climate control, for both residential & commercial projects. Relationships with professionals of the AV industry from system design, lighting control layouts, pre-wiring for future implementation & recommendations on the latest audio video and home automation systems equipment would be advantageous. We wold like to go over some of the qualities home builders, architects and designers should look for in an installation partner and why those qualities are important.

3 Main Benefits To Using Smart Lighting In Your Home or Office...


Home lighting control technology is very versatile, you can have many different choices about how your system is set up and what it is designed to accomplish. As smart home automation grows more popular, one technology in particular is consistently in the spotlight " Lighting Control" We would like to give you a few tips on the benefits of smart lighting...

Designing & Building a Home Theater #5 - The Proper Room Height When Using Front Projection


Room height will play a roll in your home theater setup when you install a front projection setup in your home theater room. A front-projection system includes a projector unit (which is usually mounted on your ceiling but can also be on a lift, on a floor mount, or in the rear wall) and a separate screen. Video sources (such as DVDs, cable, and satellite TV) are routed into the projector, which then turns these signals into light. Then, the light is projected onto a separate screen that’s mounted on a wall at the front of your home theater. The required height would depend on the size of your screen. You would not come across concerns of room height with direct view . There are a number of guiding principle here that can help in the process of determining your room height with a front projection set up...

Designing & Building a Home Theater #6 - Tips for Your Home Theater's Floor, Ceiling, and Walls...


Home theaters are no longer only an extravagance for the rich and famous. Thanks to more affordable technology, many families are enjoying a true movie theater experience without leaving home. You cannot have a dedicated room for your home theater without thinking about how you will be finishing the walls, ceiling and flooring within the room...

New Home Construction And Smart Home Technology - How Construction Firms Can Work With a Technology Integrator For Mutual Benefit...


Home automation prewiring is becoming a must-have. If you are a home builder or architect you should be interested in the following statistic from S&P Global Market intelligence research... The United States had an estimated 20.1 million smart home in 2017 and by 2021 the number is expected to grow to 35.6 million. Standard wiring usually installed in construction simply is not sufficient for smart homes. The sheer amount of consumer interest generated by smart home technology means everyone building a new home will probably want an smart home. Bigger and better smart home tech is constantly being developed to match digital needs of homeowners and the industry is on a tremendous upward trend. The following shows the significance of prewiring by construction firms to ensure each new home is set up for smart technology success.

With the Right Hardware, Software, and Integration, Your Smartphone Can Control the Technology Within Your Home


Chances are that even while you are reading this article you have your smart phone nearby. That is the reason the smartphone is quickly becoming one the best choices for controlling your home's technology. For years, the smartphone has often been predicted to become our remote control device of choice. With some recent technology advances and the fact that most people now have a smartphone, the time has come for the smartphone to become our main remote control.

Ways To Take Your Outdoor Technology Design to The Next-Level...


Are you ready to convert your patios and decks into proper outside entertainment areas? An outdoor screening area is a perfect place to relax and unwind. Especially if you have the right outdoor technology. Just make sure you contact a professional technician so you do not create safety hazards and insurance liabilities in your own backyard.

Smart House Tips - Making the Most Out of Technology in the Bedroom...


Smart home technology continues to advance, from doorbell cameras to smart thermostats. We are constantly seeing improvements every year. Each of these works to make your day-to-day life a little less complicated. The average person spends a lot of their life in their bed. Getting quality sleep is key to being productive and living a long life. So why wouldn’t you smart home technology in your bedroom? Below are just a few smart tech ideas that you should consider integrating in your bedroom to help you get better sleep, streamline waking up, all while making your bedroom more enjoyable...

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