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The Benefits of Home Automation

A man adjusting home temperature from mobile phone.

Technology That Combines Comfort, Convenience, and Peace of Mind

There was a time when home automation was a distant dream. But thanks to great strides made in the world of technology, we now have a wide range of automated systems that can convert your humble abode into a smart home. Wondering if it’s worth automating your home in Cincinnati, OH? It sure is! Read on to know why.

3 Essential Home Automation Features You Don’t Want to Skip


Start Your Home Automation Project on the Right Foot with These Must-Have Features

Automating your home in Cincinnati, OH, and surrounding areas is a big undertaking, and getting started can seem overwhelming. So, your first step should be to look at the essential home automation features that you just can’t do without, as they will give you a good baseline to start mapping out your project and set realistic timelines and budgets. 

While online research can absolutely help you get informed (as you will see below), keep in mind that the best possible way to begin is going to a professional like the home technology experts at Beacon Audio Video Systems for a consultation. That way, you’ll get a personalized project outline that optimizes home automation features tailored to your home and needs. Our projects are also scalable, so it’s easy to expand if you want to add other features down the line. Read on to learn more!

4 Easy Ways Home Automation Helps You Save Energy


Live Greener and Lower Utility Bills with Control4 

A home automation system provides you with the ability to manage your lights, shades, climate, security, media, and more from one intuitive platform—whether you’re at home or away. It simplifies everyday routines, improves peace of mind, and makes life more comfortable in Centerville, OH. 

Now, add energy efficiency to that list of benefits. Homeowners looking for ways to live greener while lowering their utility bills will get great use out of a Control4 home automation system, which offers a variety of ways to automate your connected devices to keep lights off when not in use, regulate room temperatures, and more. Learn four easy ways Control4 can help you save energy below.

The Many Benefits of Working with a Home Automation Company


Make your home even more luxurious and comfortable with smart home technology

Interested in making your home even more of a customized sanctuary? Smart home technology is all the rage in Cincinnati, OH, and surrounding areas. The prospect of researching your options may seem overwhelming, but the home technology experts at Beacon Audio Video Systems are here to help. With so many benefits to working with a home automation company like ours, you’ll wonder why you waited so long!

Read on to learn more about how a home automation company can radically change your home for the better with smart technology solutions.

How to Alleviate Stress with Smart Home Automation


Take Advantage of Your Control4 System During Challenging Times 

The current health crisis has certainly taken its toll on stress levels across Cincinnati, OH and the rest of the country as families are faced with a new normal inside their homes. And while regular routines will eventually return, stress will always be part of our lives. Smart home automation can help release some of that stress so you can feel more relaxed at home during these difficult times and in the future. 

Discover three ways Control4 can support a more relaxing home environment for you and your family.

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