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Improve Your Home’s Security with an Access Control System

A house fitted with an access control system

Build a Layered Security System for Better Protection of Your Home and Family

Did you know that a home burglary happens every 15 seconds in the US, and about 2.5 million burglaries are reported annually on average?

The statistics underline the importance of safety and why a good home security and surveillance system is critical. While more and more homeowners are installing alarm systems to secure their homes, that alone doesn’t cut it anymore. You need a layered security system for better safety against ever-rising threats. Read on to learn why we recommend adding an access control system to your Dayton, OH, home to satisfy this need.

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Upgrade Your Home Security with an Access Control System

a person swiping a keycard on a card reader

Advanced access control offers better protection and peace of mind 

Are you planning on upgrading your home’s security system? A new access control system is a great start! 

Besides ensuring maximum protection, you get to monitor who visits your home, even when you’re not there. Access control instills peace of mind, letting you know who visits your home and puts you in charge of who to let inside, with little or no chance of your home security being compromised. 

Read on to discover how an access system can improve the security of your Dayton, OH, home. 

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Protect Your Business with an Access Control System


Have Peace of Mind While You Grow Your Business in 2021

After the year companies worldwide had in 2020, the last thing business owners should have to worry about in 2021 is their building’s security. You want your Cincinnati, OH, business to be a secureenvironmentof productivity and growth, and an access control system can ensure safety and security for your workplace

What should be part of your access control system? In this blog post, we dive into essential elements you need to protect and monitor your business, whether you’re in the office, working from home, or on a business trip. Let’s get started.

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Don’t Miss Out on These Access Control System Perks


Prevent Crime and Enjoy Discounts With a Proactive Security Solution

You’ve worked hard to turn your Dayton, OH business into a success. Your commercial building deserves protection from criminals, even when you’re at home, on vacation, or asleep. Bringing the power of an access control system gives your business a shield against wrongdoers while you enjoy peace of mind.

Beacon Audio Video Systems can help you find all of the right smart security technology for your business. But before we share how we can help, let’s dive into the perks you’ll experience after installing smart security on your property. Let’s get started!


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