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Immerse Yourself In an Entertainment Oasis with a Home Theater Setup


Create an Unparalleled Cinematic Haven in Your Cincinnati, OH Home 

Just because you’re not at a cinema doesn’t mean you have to settle for ordinary movie nights. Instead, you can forge immersive experiences in the comfort of your own home. Nearly everyone likes going to the movie theater to see the latest release. However, most people must deal with background conversations and screaming kids, which can take away from your movie-watching enjoyment. 

Fortunately, Beacon Audio Video Systems allows you to upgrade your home entertainment with an at-home theater system, which gives you the same experience as a cinema in a much more private way. Forget the uneasiness of sitting beside strangers and enjoy the freedom of choosing who you sit next to. With the bonus feature of setting your own showtimes, a home theater transforms movie nights into a luxurious event. Read on to discover how to immerse yourself in an cinematic oasis with a home theater setup in Cincinnati, OH. 

A Guide to Smart Home Installation and Its Most Popular Features

Woman sitting on her couch looking at her phone, a laptop open on her lap.

Give your home the upgrade it deserves!

The concept of a "smart home" has evolved in recent years. Thanks to technological advancements, you can transform your house to provide convenience, efficiency, and security, all through a smart home installation

Keep reading to explore the exciting world of smart homes! We'll highlight some of the most popular features to make your Dayton, OH, daily life easier and just that much more enjoyable.

A Media Room Takes Your Home Entertainment to the Next Level


Create the Ultimate Home Entertainment with a Custom Media Room Design

Are you exploring the ultimate entertainment options for your Cincinnati, OH, home? With today’s technology, the possibilities may seem nearly limitless, leaving you wondering where to begin and what system would best serve you and your family.

There are whole-home audio systems that bring high-fidelity music and surround sound to every room of your home. Or, maybe you’ve been considering a designated movie theater designed to deliver an immersive cinematic experience. 

And what about a media room? While not quite as familiar, these home entertainment spaces are gaining traction. They provide the best audio and video technology in rooms designed for socializing, whether great rooms, dens, or basements. 

Let's explore the latest media room design and the many options available in this growing trend.

The Importance In Having your Audiovisual (AV) In-Sync With Your Information Technology (IT) Providers


Audiovisual products have quickly evolved and become integrated with existing IP, wireless, and mobile infrastructures making the relationship between your IT provider and your AV provider very important. QSC and Spiceworks released a study of more than 150 IT buyers and professionals to learn what they wanted from Audiovisual integrators.

Commercial Audiovisual Tips - What Your Lobby and Meeting Rooms Say About Your Business


Your lobby, meeting room and public areas of your business say a lot about what your company values as important. You've heard the old saying, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression!" It's as true today as when it was first created. Companies may be stylish, organized, on the ball, and tech savvy, but if that's not how they are perceived my strategic partners and clients, they will have a problem. Many strategic partners and clients first get to know your company by visiting your office. The first place they see is your lobby and most likely the next please will be one of your meeting rooms. Don't blow your first impression!

How Can I Make My Home Safer? Tips To Keep Your Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Home Safer For Your Family…


You just can't physically be in your home all day long and who would want to be. Knowing that most thefts take place on weekdays between 10-5 while you’re out loving your life or working, there is something you can do to give yourself some peace of mind while you’re away. A safety and security system IS your best bet but there are other things you can do to secure your home and family.

Control4: The Foremost Brand in Sophisticated Home Automation Systems


A Control4 Authorized Dealer Will Let You Harness the Full Power of Home Automation

Everyone has a little automation in their lives, whether they have their lights programmed to come on at night or their phone reads them reminders when they wake up in the morning. Automation isn't just about convenience; it's the way we can make processes faster and smarter. When it comes to your home, you want easy management and convenience too. There are many home automation solutions out there with all manner of sophistication from low to high. If you are contemplating a new home automation system for your Mason, OH  home, you should consider the benefits of a professionally installed Control4 smart home system. Keep reading below to see how a Control4 dealer can give you reliable, sophisticated smart home automation for the long term.

3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Outdoor Speakers


How to Take Your Outdoor Entertainment to the Next Level

A backyard party isn’t complete without high-quality audio that immerses you in music. An audio system that produces crisp and clear music creates the ambiance you want for any get-together. Whether you’re having a birthday party for your child, you’ve invited friends over for dinner, drinks, and music, or you’re cranking up the volume for a big bash, hi-fi outdoor speakers are a must.

Add to that an outdoor, 4K HD television, beautiful landscape lighting, and an eye-catching yard, and you’ve got the makings for an enjoyable and memorable event. But if the current outdoor speakers at your home in Cincinnati, OH, are less than spectacular, the festivities could fall flat. Let Beacon Audio Video Systems install a state-of-the-art outdoor audio system for a music experience that sounds like you have a live band in your backyard.

Read more to discover the top three reasons why you should upgrade your outdoor speakers.

Create an Impactful Dining Experience with Smart Lighting Control


Easily Customize and Automate Your Lights to Complement the Mood and Time of Day

Lighting plays a key role in the overall experience of your dining establishment. Whether your eatery in Cincinnati, OH is casual and friendly or upscale and intimate, tailored lighting can directly impact the customer experience and your bottom line in the competitive restaurant world.

But why is lighting so important? And how can you harness light to create or enhance your desired ambiance? Below, we answer these questions and explore the convenience of using a smart lighting system to customize, control, and automate your lights to save time and money.


Build Your HomeTheater with a Sony 4K Projector


Get A Movie Theater Experience In Your Dayton Home With SONY’s Top-Of-The-Line Projectors

Spending time at home has taken on a whole new meaning, thanks to COVID-19 and quarantine measures. With all this time at home to watch content, listen to music, and play video games with your kids, have you thought about building your own home theater? Having a home theater can give you opportunities beyond just watching movies, and it can provide years of entertainment for you and your family. 

When designing and building a home theater, you’ll need a reliable, high-performance projector. Our recommendation is a 4K projector from Sony — the company that introduced the first 4K projector. Sony is a household name and a pioneer in audio and video technologies for the past 50 years. We’ll walk you through why a Sony 4K projector is worth the investment for your Dayton, OH, home.

How Reliable Is Your Home Network?


Keep Your Connections in the Fast Lane with a Professional Home Network Design

It’s safe to say that a world without internet is hard to imagine. Internet connectivity is a necessity and should be just as reliable as your lights and door locks. But increased activity in the home can put major strain on your network if it isn’t equipped to handle the bandwidth required for data-intensive tasks like video streaming.

Unsure if your current home network design can keep up with your increasingly connected lifestyle in Dayton, OH? Our team at Beacon Audio Video Systems can assess your network infrastructure, identify issues, and recommend professional-grade solutions that will provide the right support for your connectivity needs today and tomorrow. Read on to learn more about our robust networking solutions.

How to Alleviate Stress with Smart Home Automation


Take Advantage of Your Control4 System During Challenging Times 

The current health crisis has certainly taken its toll on stress levels across Cincinnati, OH and the rest of the country as families are faced with a new normal inside their homes. And while regular routines will eventually return, stress will always be part of our lives. Smart home automation can help release some of that stress so you can feel more relaxed at home during these difficult times and in the future. 

Discover three ways Control4 can support a more relaxing home environment for you and your family.

What You Need To Know About 4K TVs And Projectors


From 4K televisions to Sony 4K projectors, 4K has become the new standard

In the past few years, 4K has come to the mainstream media market, becoming the new standard for residential video. Learn why you’ll want 4K in your Cincinnati OH home, whether it be a television in a media room or a Sony 4K projector in a luxury home theater.

5 Reasons Your Home Needs Smart Lighting


Why Lighting Control Will Benefit Your Home in the Dayton, Ohio Area

Smart lighting has become more popular in the past few years, and with good reason: lighting control is convenient. Beyond convenience, you may be surprised by how many ways that a smart lighting system can benefit you. Keep reading for four reasons why smart lighting is a smart choice for your home in the Dayton area or anywhere in Ohio.

Learn How to Control Your Home Effortlessly

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular as the technology advances. The most enticing part of a home automation system is the ability to control different functions of your home seamlessly and without effort. Smart home vendors offer you several different ways to gain complete control of your system. In this blog, we will discuss thee ways that you can control your home automation system so you can decide which are the best for you in Dayton, OH.

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