Learn How to Control Your Home Effortlessly

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular as the technology advances. The most enticing part of a home automation system is the ability to control different functions of your home seamlessly and without effort. Smart home vendors offer you several different ways to gain complete control of your system. In this blog, we will discuss thee ways that you can control your home automation system so you can decide which are the best for you in Dayton, OH.

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Wall-Mounted Touchscreens and Keypads

Wall-mounted controls provide a convenient central point to manage several functions of your smart home. With a customized keypad, you can turn lights on and off, dim them, or activate a pre-programmed scene. You can also control the music that plays in that room, or throughout your whole-home audio system. With a wall-mounted touchscreen, you can have even more options. Easily control the temperature in the house or set your zones to different temperatures in one central location. Arm your security system with a touch, view the video feed from any of your surveillance cameras, and lock or unlock doors with smart locks. The customized controls can be discreetly installed in locations that won’t interfere with the décor.

Smart Phones and Tablets

Technology has advanced to the point where you can do pretty much anything with your smartphone or tablet, and smart home automation is no exception. Many people prefer using their smartphone or tablet because it's easier to access; you won’t need to get out of bed or off the couch to adjust the lights, and people tend to keep their smart devices close to them. Smart home vendors have developed apps that feature the same look and feel as the control panels on your device, so control of your home is easy and intuitive.

Voice Control

In the past five years or so, voice control has become increasingly popular. Manufacturers such as Amazon and Google have created smart speakers that are always listening and straightforward to use. Smart home automation is becoming hands-free with advanced voice recognition technology that gets better at understanding you the more you use it. These voice control systems work with both individual devices and full smart home systems. You can even activate multistep automation scenes that you have programmed into your home automation system. When you say “movie time,” your TV and audio system turn on to the right settings, the lights dim, and the thermostat turns to a comfortable setting for the room to have everything ready for your entertainment.


Are you interested in smart home automation in Dayton, OH? As a smart home integrator, our mission is to bring amazing new technologies to our clients' homes. Let us show you how our customized solutions make it easier for you to manage your home and entertainment systems. Give us a call or fill out our online form to get started on your smart home project!

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