Beacon Audio Video Systems Merges with SimpTech Solutions

A luxury Ohio smart home.

See What the Merger of Two Leading Smart Home Automation Companies in Ohio Means for You

When the SimpTech Solutions' owner decided he wanted to move out of his role, Beacon Audio Video Systems saw an opportunity. SimpTech Solutions is a leading AV and smart home automation company with highly skilled staff and stellar customer service. The team at Beacon knew that by acquiring SimpTech, we could create an all-star team to provide better and faster service for all our clients, as well as new customers. 

Keep reading to learn how this merger will help us provide premium service to our customers in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding areas.

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An Enhanced Service Experience

Beacon and SimpTech operate as one company now, not two separate entities. This way, we can provide our customers top-notch service with our pooled team and resources. Before the merger, Beacon had a staff of 13, and SimpTech had a staff of four. Together, our combined teams offer better support, faster service, and a wider range of expertise.

Beacon also adopted SimpTech’s service tracking system and 24/7/365 agreements. We’re taking the best parts of both companies to enhance our service offerings to clients. And with more technicians and staff, we’ll be able to assist every customer with better, individualized service.

The People, Brands, and Services You Love

SimpTech customers love the SimpTech team. So do we! That’s why we kept the SimpTech staff, so SimpTech customers could call and still speak to the same salesperson or work with the same technician. The team isn’t getting replaced. It’s growing. All the people and brands are still here. But the combined experience and expertise of the Beacon and SimpTech team will provide Ohio area customers a service unlike any other.

Beacon provides installations to new builds and home designs, so it was important to acquire a team understanding of the complexities of design/build service. Like Beacon, SimpTech’s staff is experienced in working with other trades on build sites, so the construction and installation run seamlessly to result in our client’s dream homes.

From now on, all installations will be out of our Hocking, OH, office. However, sales for Cincinnati will still originate from the former SimpTech office, and the Dayton office will service the Dayton market. We now have the locations and scale to provide customers with better service and more points of contact.


Do you want to learn more about how our smart home automation solutions are changing now that our teams have merged? Let us show you our trademark customer service at one of our local offices! Schedule a meeting with our team by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below. 

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