Four Reasons A Control4 Dealer Provides Luxury and Convenience

A Control4 touch panel on the wall shows an album cover with a living room in the background.

Discover The Many Ways A Professional Home Automation System Makes The Most Of Your Living Spaces

A luxury home offers the ultimate comfort; it is where you enjoy the results of your hard work and dedication. The spaces you inhabit should inspire creativity, help you recharge, and fulfill your needs and desires. 

Working with a Control4 dealer enables you to transform your home, allowing you to personalize every moment. Our industry-certified team of professional designers and installers does not rely on cookie-cutter solutions; we work closely with you to build perfect living spaces. 

Want to learn more about how you can improve how you live in your Cincinnati, OH, home? Continue reading below. 

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Discover How a Control4 Dealer Adds Comfort and Enhances Your Lifestyle

Sophisticated and functional kitchen with contrasting wood, highlighted by brilliant illumination.

A Smart Home Provides the Luxury of Convenience While Bringing Balance to Your Day 

When it comes to home automation, many emphasize experiences like high-end audio or home theater. While these immersive elements are integral to the smart home experience, the ability to simplify your lifestyle is where a professional Control4 dealer stands out. 

All Beacon Audio Video Systems-installed smart home systems are built on the idea that the little things bring us the most comfort and joy. Living spaces that foster wellness, balance, and a calmer state of mind allow you to live brilliantly.  

Are you curious how your luxury Dayton, OH, home can help you make more of every day? If so, then read on.

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How to Create a Comprehensive Technology Plan for Your Home


Most builders, architects, and interior designers will have a problem creating a plan or budget to turn your house into a smart home. Unless you have a comprehensive smart home plan from the outset your home can become a collection of rooms with different technology in each. Offerings also change so rapidly that it's tough for home owners to even know what's available, much less if it works together or if it will be able to grow with you into the future. A technology integrator will be able to create a comprehensive smart home plan for new and existing spaces. The following tips will help you figure out what you want and how much it will cost…

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A Smart Home Technology Operating System Will Give You Control of All Your Smart Devices in One Place...


It is no secret that homes are ever-increasing hotbeds of new technology such as set-top boxes, game consoles, wireless routers, home automation devices, tablets, smart phones, and security cameras. The benefits of technology in the home are virtually endless. Activities at home are so much more fun and convenient from waking up, to cooking , and even answering the door.

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New Home Construction And Smart Home Technology - How Construction Firms Can Work With a Technology Integrator For Mutual Benefit...


Home automation prewiring is becoming a must-have. If you are a home builder or architect you should be interested in the following statistic from S&P Global Market intelligence research... The United States had an estimated 20.1 million smart home in 2017 and by 2021 the number is expected to grow to 35.6 million. Standard wiring usually installed in construction simply is not sufficient for smart homes. The sheer amount of consumer interest generated by smart home technology means everyone building a new home will probably want an smart home. Bigger and better smart home tech is constantly being developed to match digital needs of homeowners and the industry is on a tremendous upward trend. The following shows the significance of prewiring by construction firms to ensure each new home is set up for smart technology success.

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Whole House Audio Solutions That Blend Seamlessly Into Your Home...


With whole-house audio and video, it is easy to listen and watch your media in every area of your home. Listening to your favorite music throughout your home with a whole-home audio system is a great option but sometimes you will only want certain rooms to play the music. You will need a professional to give you great sound because it is super annoying to have distributed audio and hear hear muffled or distant sound quality because the audio was not properly set up. If you want to spread the sound to every nook and corner of your home, a multi-room audio system could be just the ticket. Most multi-room audio systems connect to your home's WiFi network so there's no need to trip over trailing wires. The following are some options for whole house audio

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What to Expect When Working With a Smart Home Professional and Why You Need One...


Whether you decide to either build or transform your home or office into a smart home, partnering with a pro can make the installation process easier, safer, and more efficient. Hiring the right technology integrator will save you time and money, hassle and headaches. You will also be able to use the hardware and software as intended without the band-aids and workarounds so often comes when working with less skilled installers. Once you have done your research online and through your network, reach out to the smart home professional and have a conversation about your intended project.

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How To Get Started In Making Your House a Smart Home...


What is a smart home? That seemingly simple question has many different answers, depending on whom you ask. In short, a “smart home” is a residence equipped with a number of devices that automate tasks normally handled by humans. Some are built into the structure itself and some added later, and homeowners operate them with applications, voice commands, automation, or using artificial intelligence. When you hear the word smart home your mind may go in several different directions ranging from a house alarm system to Alexa or Google or automated lighting. A smart home offers convenience and safety and also customizes personal preferences, needs, and budget.

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New Technology to Help You Care for Your Loved Ones While Giving Them a Sense of Independence...


Advances in technology have made life easier in many ways. They allow us to feel safe in our homes, keep us on task, and even monitor our health and behaviors. Intelligent devices help the eldery to maintain some level of independence while allowing caretakers to live with less worry. Security devices help both ourselves and our loved ones feel confident that they are safe and secure. Environmental sensors, including automated stoves, can send out alerts to caretakers in the event that something is about to go wrong. Let’s explore options on the market and ways that they can keep the young at heart in their homes for as long as possible...

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Smart Kitchen Tips - Use the Best Technology for the Heart of Your Home!...


For decades, the kitchen was viewed as the heart of the home-- you know, the place where tasty meals were made and guests would gather? However, it seems that there has been a shift in how homeowners use their kitchen. For most, the kitchen is used solely for its practical purpose often looking tidy and uncluttered. By implementing technology in your kitchen, you can transform it from an overlooked space to the soul of your home.

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3 High-tech Smart Home Bathroom Solutions...


Modern day technical solutions have transformed our homes in providing convenience as well as an increase in productivity, connectivity, and making our homes more energy and water efficient. Today, there are many technical solutions that can be used to upgrade your bathroom that will save you time and money in the long run. 

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Incorporating Finishing Touches to Achieve a Luxurious Look Inside Your Home...


The finishing touches are undoubtedly the best way to set your home above the rest. If you are hoping to achieve that luxurious, sophisticated style inside your home, these tips can help you see how just a few small finishing touches can make a big difference.

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Are You Planning a Renovation? If So, Now Is The Perfect Time to Install Smart Home Technology Upgrades...


The smart home market is on the rise. The benefits from whole-home automation are nearly limitless. Large upgrades involve hardwiring, so it is best to upgrade when you are ready to renovate. This would cut down the cost of the installation. According to a survey conducted by Houzz, smart tech has become more of a priority for renovation homeowners, 28% say that it is at the top of their lists. In high-end luxury home theses, features are now expected. Smart home technology increases the value of your property. When you plan your next renovation consider incorporating these smart home improvements into your living space...

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Turn Your Backyard into Your Favorite Media Room

Elegantly rustic open air space with outdoor TV installation and lush landscaping.

A Professional Outdoor TV Installation Creates a Complete Entertainment Center

A smart home furnishes you with many luxuries that enhance how you live, work, and play - from human-centric lighting, whole-home audio, distributed video, and intuitive interfaces to control it all. With a professionally installed system, you have the power to entertain, create ambiance, and personalize every space to your preferences.

Extending your living to the outdoors and making more use of the pool and barbequing areas does not mean you have to leave these modern conveniences behind. An outdoor TV installation enhances these moments, turning your backyard into the ultimate entertainment center.

Are you curious about the possibilities for your home in Cincinnati, OH, and surrounding areas? Read below to learn more. 

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Add More Entertainment in Your Home with Audio-Video Installation

Well-lit living room accented by sophisticated and modern decor enhanced with elements of an audio-video installation.

A Multiroom System Lets You Enjoy Content in Any or All Rooms with a Touch of a Button 

Movies, shows, and music are essential elements in our lives. They entertain, provoke thought, and move us in both anticipated and unexpected ways. You deserve the freedom and flexibility to watch what you want in any room, from a home theater to the den or bedroom. 

The streaming content revolution has increased our viewing options tenfold. When you add traditional sources, such as cable TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, and video servers, managing the content can be ungainly. Rather than having multiple sources cluttering up each space or restarting a show when you move to the kitchen, you need a simple, straightforward, and reliable solution.

Do you desire easy access to your movies, music, and more throughout your home in Cincinnati, OH, and surrounding areas? Continue reading below to discover the benefits of a whole-home audio-video installation

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Make Home Uniquely Yours With A Control4 System


Enjoy The Benefits Of Smart Home Solutions That Respond To Your Lifestyle

Smart home automation offers the luxury and convenience of a house that not only fits but responds to your lifestyle needs. However, while you may have looked at the mail-order cookie-cutter solutions available, none of them give you complete control. 

After all, your home is an intimate ecosystem of security, climate control, entertainment, lighting, and more. So, you need a smart home system that integrates everything and puts control in the palm of your hand. With a Control4 dealer, you get a home that can make you healthier, happier, and more comfortable. 

Are you intrigued by how your home in Cincinnati, OH, or the surrounding area can become an extension of you? Continue reading to learn more. 

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Enhance Your Home Theater Installation with Custom Seating


Discover How Your Movie-Watching Experience Can Be More Luxurious and Family Friendly

Movies are the most immersive of art forms; while the storylines, characters, and multidimensional audio draw you in, the room’s environment can make or break the moments. The atmosphere, ambiance, and comfort of your home theater installation contribute to the sense of anticipation we feel before a film starts.

Whether your aesthetics lean toward modern minimalism or the eclectic gilded lushness, the details inside the room should satisfy your expectations. Custom seating furnishes you with the ultimate luxury viewing while accommodating the dynamic of your family.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your home in the Greater Dayton, OH area? Then continue reading below to discover more. 

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A Premier Home Theater System That Will Exceed Your Expectations


Bring The Thrills and Excitement of the Cinema to Your House

The influence and aura of the movies have been a pivotal art form for over 120 years. Its impact on all other mediums cannot be understated. Films have sparked revolutions in political and cultural arenas, showing us what may be possible and shaping our understanding of the world. Given such influence and power, your viewing experience should respect that special relationship.

Directors, along with their cinematographers, craft their stories to be seen on the big screen. The effects, framing, and shots are intended for a theatrical setting’s unique atmosphere. As a result, a home theater recreates and often exceeds the excitement and the experiential sense of the best multiplex moments.

Are you Intrigued about bringing the best of movies to your Cincinnati, OH  and surrounding area smart homes? Read below to learn more.

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The Elements Of Home Theater Design


Learn What It Takes To Have The Best Cinema Experience, Right In Your House

If you are a movie fan, you understand the power of film to move you. The medium is one of the few that combines elements from all of the arts to create genuinely transformative moments. A theater brings the excitement of the multiplex right into your house. The technology accentuates the story on screen, fading the line between the two worlds.

Home theater design requires close coordination between your team of architects and designers with our expert installers. We consider how everything from construction and decor affects how the technology is implemented, all with the goal of providing you with the ultimate experience.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities of building a private cinema in your Mason, OH smart home? Read more below to find out how.

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