Add More Entertainment in Your Home with Audio-Video Installation

Well-lit living room accented by sophisticated and modern decor enhanced with elements of an audio-video installation.

A Multiroom System Lets You Enjoy Content in Any or All Rooms with a Touch of a Button 

Movies, shows, and music are essential elements in our lives. They entertain, provoke thought, and move us in both anticipated and unexpected ways. You deserve the freedom and flexibility to watch what you want in any room, from a home theater to the den or bedroom. 

The streaming content revolution has increased our viewing options tenfold. When you add traditional sources, such as cable TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, and video servers, managing the content can be ungainly. Rather than having multiple sources cluttering up each space or restarting a show when you move to the kitchen, you need a simple, straightforward, and reliable solution.

Do you desire easy access to your movies, music, and more throughout your home in Cincinnati, OH, and surrounding areas? Continue reading below to discover the benefits of a whole-home audio-video installation

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Any Media, Anywhere 

At Beacon Audio Video Systems, our certified team of designers and installers incorporate the latest technology to provide you with high-definition images and audio that meets today’s and future requirements. 

We distribute media throughout your home using your home network and simple CAT 5 or CAT 6 cables, delivering 4K and upscaled 8K movies with fewer wires and smaller receivers. Gone are the days of needing ‘miles’ of bundled thick copper cable, making new installation and renovation retrofits simpler and less labor-intensive. Because the content is transported in the digital domain, switching a source between destinations is faster, smoother, and requires less equipment. 

More Watching, Less Clutter

Your home is built to suit you. From the architectural lines to the decor, the living spaces work to please your senses. A distributed audio-visual system eliminates the need for multiple devices such as a cable box, Blu-Ray player, or streaming dongles in each room. All the sources can now be located in a central rack, hidden away from view, and accessed through intuitive touch screen controllers, mobile apps, or your voice. 

Are you hosting a party on game day? With a simple swipe, send the video to the back deck, the den, and, of course, the kitchen. Everyone can enjoy the action on the screen from the comfort of their chosen room and at the volume level appropriate for the space. 

Network Know-How

The data network is the backbone of any home entertainment system, so you need to be confident that it can handle the bandwidth. Ensuring that system performance is at its peak every moment requires expert knowledge, planning, and an understanding of when to use wired or wireless solutions.

Before we install any equipment, we perform a detailed analysis of the home, noting potential issues of interference. Our expert team ensures your network can deliver multiroom video and audio without encountering the dreaded buffering message. 

Make It Happen!

Are you ready to make the most of your home audio-visual experience? Call us at 973-723-9587 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation or schedule a time in our C4-certified showroom. We look forward to working with you!

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