3 Main Benefits To Using Smart Lighting In Your Home or Office...


Home lighting control technology is very versatile, you can have many different choices about how your system is set up and what it is designed to accomplish. As smart home automation grows more popular, one technology in particular is consistently in the spotlight " Lighting Control" We would like to give you a few tips on the benefits of smart lighting...

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3 Alluring Ways to Refresh Your Landscape Lighting Design


Turn Your Outdoor Living Space into a Dreamscape with FX Luminaire

As the days become shorter, it might be time to reconsider your home’s exterior lighting. While summer nights don’t start until after 8:00 pm, winter sunsets occur as early as 5:00 pm in Cincinnati, OH, and surrounding areas, requiring ample exterior lighting for your favorite outdoor evening activities.

Plus, a refreshed landscape lighting design can accomplish more than helping you navigate your outdoor spaces at night. When you choose landscape lighting products and technology from FX Luminaire, you can also transform your façade and outdoor living spaces into showstopping dreamscapes!

Below, envision the possibilities for your property by exploring three ways to refresh your exteriors with FX Luminaire solutions.

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What to Consider When Planning Your Landscape Lighting Design

Check Out Some Key Tips from Our Landscape Lighting Experts

Landscape lighting does much more than illuminate our Centerville, OH properties after sunset. It adds ambiance to our exterior living spaces and extends our outdoor activities into the evening. It makes our homes feel more friendly and familiar while increasing our sense of safety and security.

Landscape lighting designs look different from curb to curb, which can make planning one from scratch a bit tricky. Which areas should you illuminate? Which lighting techniques are best? Which lighting fixtures should you choose? Let our lighting experts help. We dive into these considerations below.

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Set The Mood This Winter With Landscape Lighting Design


3 Reasons to Install Smart and Stylish Outdoor Lights This Winter

Landscape lighting adds more life and light to your lawn. And during the cold months, it’s the ideal solution for chasing away the winter blues. A warm fire pit, close friends and family, and custom landscape lighting design will elevate the ambiance of any outdoor area. From pathway lights to tree lights to niche lighting, you can make your property an attractive place to enjoy in any season.

Beacon Audio Video Systems is a smart home integrator in Springboro, OH, that makes it all happen for you. Our approach is tailored to your unique needs. Keep reading to learn the three advantages of installing outdoor lights.

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