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A media room featuring a sony LS projector and projector screen.

Check Out How a Professional AV Installation Makes Watching Games and Movies More Enjoyable

Imagine this! It’s the weekend, and you are working from the home office on a Monday presentation. The kids are at school. Your spouse is reading in the media room. But in a few hours, everyone will be at the home theater watching the football game or enjoying a movie. This is all made possible with AV installation from Beacon Audio Video Systems.

At Beacon, we understand your smart home is unique. That’s why we design and install AV systems to enhance how you experience it. Here are three ways a professional audio-video system can improve every space in your smart home in Dayton, OH.

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The Big Picture

Let’s start with whole-home audio. With a distributed audio system, you can mute the speakers in the office while your spouse listens to music in the next room, and each kid wakes up to their own favorite tune. We’ll design the system and install wiring, so it doesn’t interfere with any decor. In addition, we’ll configure your home network and products to work to their specifications. 

At Beacon, we use brands like Paradigm and KEF loudspeakers to create the ideal sound for every room, and Control4 to automate your systems. Through the Control4 customizable, easy-to-use interface, you can set the mood to work, relax, or sleep at the tap of a screen. 

It’s Game Time!

If you are looking to entertain, there is no place like a home theater, and through our expertise and brand partnerships, we can create the perfect entertainment hub for you. So, if it’s game time, the whole family is ready for kickoff! 

Your Sony ES projector screen is displaying every color in all its 4K Ultra HD glory. The immersive surround sound and acoustic wall treatments have everyone feeling like they are at the stadium. It is the ultimate cinematic experience at home, made possible by the Beacon team that designed and installed it for you. 

The Second Half 

Since we’re on the topic of football, at halftime, everyone shares a quick meal in the kitchen while listening to the game commentary over in-ceiling speakers. It is a beautiful day outside, and someone suggests watching the second half in the backyard. Why not? 

The Seura TV you have comes with anti-glare technology and looks sharp even in a bright afternoon. Still, you opt for lowering the progressive screens and power shades for an optimal outdoor viewing experience. 

Later in the afternoon, the WAC lights in the backyard automatically turn on for a relaxing afternoon following the game. 

If this sounds like fun, you can see it in action at our Control4-certified showroom, or contact us about an AV system fit for your family and smart home. 

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