How to Capitalize on Audio-Video Distribution for Your Eatery


Keep Customers Coming Back—and Spending More—with the Right AV Strategy

Like wine and chocolate or milk and cookies, dining and entertainment are a timeless pair. We bet you can’t walk into a trendy restaurant or bar in Dayton, OH without hearing the hums of background music or seeing the latest sports games on TV.

A quality audio-video installation will not only attract more patrons but can also influence the way they spend their time and money with you—when you have the right strategies in place. Keep reading for three ways you can capitalize on a professional AV distribution system for your restaurant or bar.

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Widen Your Customer Base with a Variety of Video Content

Large, sleek TV displays paired with an AV distribution system empower you to offer customers a variety of content at the touch of a button. AV distribution omits the need for one-to-one setups of components at each TV in your restaurant. Instead, you can distribute content from your satellite or cable box, Apple TV, and other sources to any and every screen from a single controller. All source components will be neatly stored away in a media closet that stays out of sight.

With easy distribution of a variety of content, you can use your TVs as a marketing tool to attract a wider customer base. For instance, you can stream sports around the bar, the news during brunch hours, and awards ceremonies in the back where you host large parties. Your options are endless.

Use Music to Influence Spending Habits and Turnover

Music impacts how your patrons spend their time and money with you. For example, research shows that fast-paced music encourages customers to order and eat quicker, which keeps turnover high. Slow music encourages guests to spend more time at their table and order more items. Genre influences customer buying habits, too. Studies show that eateries playing classical or jazz music are perceived as a higher class, and therefore more expensive than establishments that play more casual music.

An AV distribution system lets you blanket your indoor and outdoor seating areas with quality audio at the touch of a button. Music selection and volume control for every zone are easy to access and adjust from a single controller so you can tune the ambiance in the waiting area, main dining floor, bathrooms, patio, and more. Keep the tone the same or change it up based on the time of day or day of the week.

Spend More Time Tending to Your Guests

While strategic use of your TVs and speakers can certainly bring in more customers, having to control every display and speaker can be frustrating and time-consuming when running a busy restaurant. That’s where the magic of AV distribution truly shines. You and your staff will have quick access to every audio-video zone throughout your establishment from the convenience of a single touchscreen.

Say goodbye to unsightly wires, cluttered tech, and multiple remote controls for your TVs and speakers. Power, volume control, media sources, and more exist in one platform so everyone on your team can quickly adjust TV channels and music and get back to tending to customers.

Improve customer satisfaction and boost sales with the strategic use of an AV distribution system for your restaurant or bar. Beacon Audio Video Systems can design and install a custom solution for your establishment! Book a free consultation by contacting us here or sending us a live chat below.

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