Expand the Reach of Your Home With Outdoor Automatic Shades

A living room with outdoor shades.

Progressive Screens let you create a three-season room in your outdoor space

Having a well-designed patio can boost outdoor entertainment considerably. Unfortunately, in Cincinnati, OH, you often have to limit your use of it due to the cold weather. But there is one solution that can help you enjoy your outdoor time, regardless of the season.

A three-season room keeps out dreary environmental conditions, allowing you to get more use of your patio. The best part is that you only need to add outdoor shades to transform the patio into an extended living space.

While many brands offer shading solutions, Progressive Screens remains at the top when it comes to outdoor automatic shades. Read on to discover how Progressive Screen’s shade automation solutions enhance your outdoor living. 

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Add Excitement to Home Entertaining with Whole-Home Audio-Video Systems

A living room with sophisticated and modern decor looks out onto a lush and manicured lawn.

Discover How Audio-Video Distribution Brings Your Home to Life

Music and movies are potent elements of our daily lives. They serve to inspire, motivate, and give us an escape from the daily grind. Psychologists point out that the content we choose to watch and listen to is about more than transitory moments; they are an innate part of one's sense of identity. 

Today's streaming technology furnishes you with access to an unlimited collection of shows, songs, films, and more from anywhere in the world. Whether you want to unwind after a long day with a rom-com or be transported by your favorite songs, you deserve the best audio-video systems to play it on. 

Continue reading below to discover how working with the Beacon Audio Video Systems team is the best choice for your Dayton, OH, home. 

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Illuminate Your Landscape with Outdoor Smart Lighting

a landscape with trees and flowers illuminated by colored lights at night

Discover How Outdoor Lighting Adds Curb Appeal and Security to Your Property

Lighting is an essential component of every home. Besides the obvious benefit of lighting - illumination - it also enhances the ambiance of any room. Attractive fixtures, lighting control, and carefully crafted lighting design all come together to make a room look stunning. But a smart lighting system isn’t only used indoors. It has endless applications in outdoor spaces as well. 

With outdoor smart lighting, you can breathe life into your landscape design and instantly boost the curb appeal. But that’s not all. Outdoor lighting is also vital for increasing security. Read on to discover how your landscape lighting system improves the aesthetics and security of your home in Cincinnati, OH. 

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4 Must-Have Components for Powerful Whole Home Wi-Fi

Shot of a man laying down and checking his tablet on a gray couch with a white wall in the background with blue artwork on it.

Leverage Enterprise-Grade Equipment for Reliable Coverage Throughout Your Home 

Are you struggling with inconsistent Wi-Fi coverage in your Cincinnati, OH, home? This may result in dropped video calls while working from home or delayed response from your smart home devices. Often, it means a significantly weakened signal when you go on the patio or by the pool. Though it’s tempting to blame your internet service provider, your network installation may be the problem, not the signal itself. 

How can you ensure you’re getting the most out of your network? Enterprise-grade equipment and a professional installation are the way to go if you have a large luxury home. This blog focuses on the former–the equipment and software thawe use to give our clients reliable whole-home Wi-Fi coverage. 

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Video Conferencing Equipment Makes Your Home Office More Productive

Video Conferencing Equipment Makes Your Home Office More Productive

The Continued Growth of Work-from-Home Means You Need Better Ways to Communicate and Collaborate

Whether you have worked from home for years or were drafted into the process, a recent NBC News article clearly shows the trend has staying power. While the option for the remote office has been on the rise for a decade, many companies are looking to make it part of their long-term plans.

The key to any business's success is communication. The ability to clearly and concisely express ideas and share information generates collaboration and success. Expert installation of video conferencing equipment in your home office offers the tools to stand out, helps you sound more authoritative, and ensures your concepts are better remembered by participants. 

Are you ready to upgrade your home office in Dayton, OH, and the surrounding region with a more professional appearance and workflow? Learn more by continuing to read below.

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