How Smart Control Boosts Your Home Theater


Create a luxury space by working with a professional home theater designer

When envisioning your dream home theater, there must be thousands of ideas running through your mind. While it's good to get as creative as you like, there is one essential thing that you should integrate into a home theater that may not be obvious: smart home control.  

Smart homes are all about luxury spaces with automated features. You can extend this to your home theater by partnering with Beacon Audio Video Systems. Read on to find out how as home theater designers serving Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding areas, we create immersive, intuitive viewing spaces.

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The 3 Main Benefits of Having a Smart Doorbell in Your Smart Home…


With the current times, online shopping has become the new normal. Being able to watch for those packages to be delivered gives you a sense of security. A smart home will allow you the opportunity to have a smart doorbell.

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Outdoor Patio Shades Add Beauty and Convenience


Keep Your Deck and Poolside Spaces Comfortable and Private This Summer

While the days are still short and the cold temperature requires multiple layers, the days of sunshine are almost here. With the warmer weather comes the desire to spend more time outdoors connecting to nature and breaking free from the constraints of the indoors. 

Entertaining outdoors is one of the great pleasures of homeownership, from family barbecues to quiet drinks under the stars. The food tastes better, and cocktails go down smoother in the fresh air. Outdoor patio shades keep your spaces usable in the midday sun or light rain and maintain your privacy when desired. 

Are you ready to plan out a better use of your Dayton, OH and surround area spaces this coming season? Then continue reading to learn more. 

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Why Homeowners Need Smart Lighting Control Systems


Set the mood every time with the home lighting control system

Modern-day homes offer more than luxury: They offer comfort and aesthetics, and by integrating smart technology into your modern home, you can boost your home’s functionality tenfold. Among smart home technologies, home lighting control systems stand out the most because of their benefits. 

With Beacon Audio Video Systems, you can integrate lighting control throughout your home in Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding area. But first, let’s look at all the reasons why homeowners need smart lighting control systems. 

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Add New Dimensions to Your Home Theater Experience


An Advanced Surround Sound System Enhances the Thrill and Chills of the Movies and the Music You Love

As an art form, film has the unparalleled power to stir the soul, move you to empathy, and invigorate your curiosity. Neurologists and psychologists believe that the audiovisual stimulation and the thrill of a well-written storyline act as cathartic agents, allowing you to suspend yourself in the experience. 

Whether you find excitement in the action-packed Marvel Cinematic Universe series or the elegance of Hollywood’s golden age, the spine-tingling moments are created by the music and effects. A home theater with surround sound heightens your senses and opens your ears; it builds tension and emphasizes the moment stimulating the endorphin rush and swoons. 

Are you ready to hear more from the movies and music you love in your home in the greater Cincinnati, OH area? Continue reading to learn how a home theater designers help you get the ultimate sound quality. 

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