5 Features That Make Your Luxury Home Theater Stand Out

a home theater with a projector, red recliners, and overhead lights.

Embark on an immersive journey with a custom home cinema

Arguably, the main highlights of a custom home cinema are the audio and visual systems. After all, that’s what makes a movie - the incredible display and the surround-sound that immerses you in the film. However, if you want a luxury home theater, you need to think beyond AV systems. 

You can experience a cinematic feel at home with all the right technologies and systems in place. Read on to discover the top five features you need to boost entertainment and create an impressive movie-watching space at your home in Dayton, OH.


1. Laser Projectors

First things first! As we mentioned above, video is important. A home cinema is not complete without a projector or large-screen TV. But we’re talking about a “luxury” home theater, so you need more than a standard projector. Instead, opt for a Native 4K HDR laser projector. 

You’ll enjoy clearer and brighter pictures that immerse you in the scenes. The realism is phenomenal! The latest projectors for high-end home theaters produce high brightness, inky blacks, vibrant colors, rich tones and textures, clear cinematic motion, and image smoothness.

2. Hi-Fi Speakers

Obviously, you need excellent audio, not simply a soundbar when you want to immerse yourself into a movie. Hi-fi audio is what truly breathes life into the scenes. How do you achieve this? Surround sound! The basic surround-sound system is 5.1:  two front-facing speakers, a center speaker, two side speakers, and a subwoofer. But there are other configurations as well, such as a 9.1.2 system and higher!

These speakers and configurations keep the audio produced true to the source while eliminating distortions, allowing you to hear the dialogue and music with unmatched clarity.

3. Tunable Lights

Lights are an essential element of home theaters. Instead of using ambient lighting, luxury home cinemas have tunable lights that create a cinematic feel. With this lighting system, you can adjust the brightness levels and colors and even schedule them to adjust automatically as the movie starts and ends, similar to how they work in a real cinema. 

4. Motorized Window Treatments

Unlike commercial movie theaters, most home cinemas are created in rooms that have windows. And with windows, sunlight can stream in, which affects the quality of your viewing experience. Fortunately, you can block out all the sunlight with motorized window treatments by rolling the shades down with the tap of a button. 

5. A Central Control Hub

Lastly, a luxury home entertainment space needs central control. Instead of getting up from your seat to adjust the lights, shades, and AV, control all the home theater technologies on your smart home tablet or smartphone. But smart home control isn’t limited to your home theater room. Did someone ring the doorbell? Pause the movie, check the video cameras, and speak to the person right where you are? If it’s a friend, unlock the door with a tap and invite them in to watch the movie with you. 


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