Bring Friends and Family Together with the Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment Space


The Latest Outdoor TVs and Speakers Deliver High-Performance Audio and Video to Your Outdoor Area

While some frost advisories still linger, Cincinnati, OH, witnessed two days of incredible 80-plus degree weather the last week of April. While momentary, the fleeting warmth provided a glimpse of what’s in store—a beautiful summer spent enjoying our outdoor spaces with friends and family. 

At Beacon Audio Video Systems, we bring customized audio-video and home automation solutions to our many clients throughout the Greater Dayton area. One of the most popular due to recent technological advancements is the outdoor entertainment area. Let’s explore why the increasing interest and what today’s technology offers. 

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Outdoor TVs

Outdoor entertainment areas transform your backyard into spaces where everyone gathers for the big game or lingers after an alfresco dinner for a movie night under the stars. They create another living space, one that's in tune with nature and, with the right landscape lighting, embraces the magic of the night. 

Are you wondering what it’s like to watch your favorite sporting event in the glaring sun or where to install your TV so that the kids don’t splash it when they’re in the pool? There was a time when we kept our outdoor TVs under lock and key in waterproof cabinets that remained closed until we were sure the weather offered clear skies. The latest technology has changed that, offering extreme weatherproof equipment. At Beacon, we partner with best-in-class brands in entertainment and automation. For outdoor TVs, two of those are Séura and SunBrite.

These companies offer 4K UHD and HDR TVs that can withstand sun, rain, snow, dust, humidity, and extreme temperatures from -24°F to 140°F. Up to three times brighter than indoor TVs, they deliver crystal-clear images, even in direct sunlight. The high dynamic range means brilliant color and realistic images that bring sporting events and your favorite shows to life. 

Outdoor Audio

These brands also offer all-weather soundbars designed for the outdoors and loud environments. However, to take your outdoor audio to the next level requires a surround sound installation. Our certified technicians will strategically install satellite landscape speakers and in-ground subwoofers that blend seamlessly with your outdoor environment.

Two of the brands we partner with in the outdoor audio arena are Triad and Sonance. These high-performance brands deliver the quality of sound you expect in any luxury entertainment space, whether your indoor home theater or outdoor recreation area. So whether relaxing outdoors, binge-watching your favorite Netflix series, or streaming your "Weekend" playlist, you'll experience the immersive sound field that engulfs you in pristine audio.

Control4 Home Automation

When integrated with your Control4 home automation system, you can control your whole-home audio-video system from the same user-friendly interface that manages your lighting, climate, security, and more. For example, one tap on your touchscreen, mobile app, or remote can set the outdoor lighting to the perfect hue, switch on the gas firepit, turn on your favorite streaming music, and even turn on the underwater pool speakers. 

To learn more about outdoor entertainment and home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Beacon today.

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