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Designing & Building a Home Theater #1 - It's a Process, So You Need to Know What's Involved Before You Start


This guide will help you design and build a home theater. It all starts with a plan so we need to figure out the available space and budget you have for your home theater project. This series will deal with what's involved in building a home theater and not delve into specific product selection. Technology is fast moving and today's new hot equipment can become yesterday's news very quickly.


Steps in the Home Theater Process

  • Space and budget requirements
  • Room setup
  • Equipment placement
  • Home theater wiring
  • Room lighting
  • Home theater furniture
  • Home theater seating
  • Home theater room decor

Unless You Have Vast Experience with Audiovisual, Call in a Pro to Help

Dedicated home theater room design is very complex and a trial and error plan and get costly very quick! So even if you bring in a pro to help it's good to have an understanding of the concepts surrounding a good home theater design to you can get exactly what you want.

Do You Want a Small, Medium, or Dedicated Home Theater?

Are you going to have a room dedicated to just being a home theater or do you want a home theater experience in your living room or family room? In in dedicated home theater, you will design the room to suit your system but if the room isn't dedicated to just being a home theater, you will need to give it some extra attention because of room limitations.

What is the Nature of Your Room?

If your home theater system is going to be used in a shared environment you need to figure out quickly if it will be low-key and non-intrusive (hidden in cabinets and maybe only seen when being used), or will it be a system that is seen and setup for optimum performance no matter what that mean visually for the room?

What is the Size of Your Room?

Your home theater furniture will be greatly impacted by the size of the space you are using. The size of the room affects how you will arrange the equipment and furniture for best results. A good suggestion is to search for the appropriate THX certifications standards using your home theatre system. Next time we'll concentrate in more detail on how to best design a small home theater in our Designing and Building a Home Theater Series...

Designing & Building a Home Theater Series

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