Expand the Reach of Your Home With Outdoor Automatic Shades

A living room with outdoor shades.

Progressive Screens let you create a three-season room in your outdoor space

Having a well-designed patio can boost outdoor entertainment considerably. Unfortunately, in Cincinnati, OH, you often have to limit your use of it due to the cold weather. But there is one solution that can help you enjoy your outdoor time, regardless of the season.

A three-season room keeps out dreary environmental conditions, allowing you to get more use of your patio. The best part is that you only need to add outdoor shades to transform the patio into an extended living space.

While many brands offer shading solutions, Progressive Screens remains at the top when it comes to outdoor automatic shades. Read on to discover how Progressive Screen’s shade automation solutions enhance your outdoor living. 


Optimal Comfort Throughout the Year 

Progressive Screen offers solar screens that allow you to minimize energy consumption while staying comfortable. On hot summer days, the shades remain closed to block out the harsh UV rays of the sun, thus reducing cooling costs. The opposite happens when it gets cold outside. The shades close and block the cold air to keep your three-season room warm. The functional fabric used in the outdoor shades effectively blocks all harmful radiation to protect your furnishings from the UV rays as well. 

Insect Protection

One of the most off-putting things about outdoor spaces is the pests, who love to come out when the weather gets nice. Fortunately, with Progressive Screen’s shade automation, all the bugs and insects can be kept at bay with their insect screens. The advanced polymer formula used in the shades is bug-proof in every way so that no critters can get through the mesh. The best part is that these screens are also mildew proof, so you can enjoy the fresh air and weather without worrying about anything.

Extended Living Area

A three-season room extends the living area of your home. The outdoor shades will keep your living space locked and protected from external elements so you can enjoy them even when the weather dips. With double-stitched zippers from all angles, the strength and durability of the shades are unmatched, allowing you to use them flawlessly for many years to come. At the same time, you can enjoy the breeze as much as you want when summer hits–as it’s easy to open and close shades as needed. 

Simplified Control

Connect your Progressive Screen’s shade automation system to your home control technology and easily operate the screens from anywhere with a single button press. From scheduling to real-time control, everything can be done at your fingertips. 


Outdoor automatic shades make it possible to spend more time outside even in not-so-perfect conditions. Beacon Audio Video Systems is a certified dealer of Progressive Screens and can help you make the ultimate three-season room in your Cincinnati, OH, residence. Start your project today by calling (937) 723-9587 or filling out our contact form.

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