Here’s Why Motorized Shades Are a Must-Have for Your Smart Home

a bedroom with closed motorized shades and a bed with tan and brown comforter and brown and silver pillows.

Motorized window treatments offer energy efficiency, UV protection, and more

Window coverings are vital to every home. But smart living spaces demand motorized window treatments with superior functionality. While manual window treatments have their own benefits, motorized shades are far more convenient and practical. Besides being more energy efficient, they enhance comfort and privacy. Read on to discover how they can benefit your home in Dayton, OH. 


Complete UV Protection

When sunlight streams into your home, it also brings UV rays with it. Their radiation can be harmful to your home’s furnishings and artwork, making them deteriorate and discolor over time. But with motorized shades, you don’t have to worry about UV damage. Our motorized shades use UV-protective fabrics that allow you to get a view of the outdoors and benefit from natural sunlight while deflecting the harmful UV rays. 

Reduced Energy Consumption

One of the biggest benefits of smart shading systems is their energy efficiency. By allowing sunlight to enter your home, the shades eliminate the need to use artificial light sources during the day. Consequently, you can see a significant difference in your energy bills. 

Moreover, the motorized shades also help regulate the temperature throughout the year, which ensures your climate control system uses minimal energy. On colder days, the sunlight enters your home and warms the place with solar energy. In contrast, the shades block the sun entirely on hot days, making your home cool and comfortable. By regulating the temperature, a substantial amount of energy is conserved, ultimately making your home more energy efficient. 

Privacy and Security 

Motorized shades are much more convenient to operate than manual shades. All you need to do is press a button, and the shades can be raised or lowered to give you your desired level of privacy. 

With dual-fabric roller shades, you get two types of shades in one: one with a light and open weave and one with a tight and compact weave. The former have light filtering capabilities, allowing you to get a view of the outdoors while still illuminating your home with natural light. On the other hand, the latter offer a blackout effect, blocking all light from entering your home. This gives you a completely private space without prying eyes from the outdoors. 

And since the shading system can also be operated via mobile apps, you get remote access. As a result, you can operate the shades even when you’re not home to leave the impression that your home is occupied. Doing so lowers the risk of theft and vandalism attempts while you’re away. 

Equip your home with motorized window treatments to make it more comfortable, secure, and energy efficient. Beacon Audio Video Systems can help you choose and install a custom shading system. Reach out today by calling (937) 723 – 9587 or filling out an easy online contact form

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