Incorporating Finishing Touches to Achieve a Luxurious Look Inside Your Home...


The finishing touches are undoubtedly the best way to set your home above the rest. If you are hoping to achieve that luxurious, sophisticated style inside your home, these tips can help you see how just a few small finishing touches can make a big difference.


Simplicity is Key

While luxury and overindulgence seem to be one and the same, that is not always the case. It is important that you are purposeful in how you choose to decorate your home. When updating your space, taking a minimalist approach might seem purposeless but it can really transform the entire look and feel making your home feel sophisticated. Statement pieces are the best way to pull any room together without overdoing it. From accent walls to bold features, your statement piece should compliment the style and functionality of the room. This will not only add a sense of boldness but it creates a seamless look. What is the secret to luxury? It is how assertive the look of a room is-- be fearless and confident in your minimalist efforts to set your home above all others.


Futuristic Features

In today’s world, luxury can’t be achieved without implementing technological advances that provide you with capabilities. Adding technology to your home is an easy way to keep the value of your home at its peak. When you have an entire home automation system in your home, you can choose which features are necessary for your everyday life. At SimpTech, we offer personalized, customizable automation services that will transform your house into a smart home. Whether you are looking for security, smart lighting, or high definition audio in your home theater, we can help. Our goal is to create the home of your dreams using sleek technology to make your life easier. Can you think of anything more luxurious than a smart home design\ed to make your life easier? Me either.


Lighting & Luxury

Like two peas in a pod, lighting and luxury are the perfect pair. Lighting features and the lights themselves provide an opportunity to create a luxurious look. If your space requires, an oversized light feature in your living and dining rooms will make a statement. If you are working with a smaller space, chic decorative lighting is the way to go, such as a small table lamp. These can make the space look sophisticated and stylish without compromising functionality. Stay away from terrible fluorescent lighting and instead opt for soft light that will contribute to that luxurious ambiance you are hoping to achieve. However, don't be afraid to be bold. Statement lighting features like chandeliers in unexpected areas, bathrooms and bedrooms, will make your space feel glamorous.


Layer It On Me

We discussed how a minimalist approach can make any space feel luxurious, but if you don’t add pieces that will contribute to the character of your home, it will feel plain and boring. To avoid a drab space, we suggest layering your furniture and decor. This will work to create a more comfortable look that is sophisticated while avoiding chaos. Use contrasting hardwoods on your floors with a trendy area rug that complement the furniture in the home. Throw pillows and blankets can add charm and make your space feel more cozy and inviting in any space. The little final touches inside your home will make a big difference. Following these tips will help you transform your interior making it look luxurious, yet personal and inviting.

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