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Smart home technology continues to advance, from doorbell cameras to smart thermostats. We are constantly seeing improvements every year. Each of these works to make your day-to-day life a little less complicated. The average person spends a lot of their life in their bed. Getting quality sleep is key to being productive and living a long life. So why wouldn’t you smart home technology in your bedroom? Below are just a few smart tech ideas that you should consider integrating in your bedroom to help you get better sleep, streamline waking up, all while making your bedroom more enjoyable...


Technology To Help You Walk Up

Getting out of bed can be hard, well that is unless mornings are your thing. Implementing smart home technology in your bedroom can make waking up a little more enjoyable and perhaps keep you from pushing the snooze button over and over again. One feature allows you to gradually turn on your lights before it begins playing all of your favorites tunes. You can even program it to automate routines throughout your entire home meaning you no longer have to adjust your thermostat, open your curtains, or wake you your grumpy teenagers-- this smart home system can do it all. Your new system will gradually wake you up creating a more pleasant and healthier sleep pattern. As a result, you will feel more energized and in tune with your day-to-day routine. With time you will begin to notice that you are able to function better which will absolutely feel like a win.

No More Walking through a Dark House

Having a home that is entirely operated by smart technology comes with many advantages. One that you might not have thought about is motion activated lighting. So the next time you are trying to navigate through the dark, you can expect the lights to turn on as you enter in every room… that is without you having to try to find the switch. The lights can be programmed to come on with the setting of the sun, to the beat of the music, and even more. Wanting to make your home dark during the day? Consider adding automated window shades in your smart home package.

Understanding Your Sleep Patterns

Many smartphones, watches, and fitness trackers have built-in sleep monitors that help provide you with a bit of insight on how well you are resting when you sleep at night. However, these devices are not always spot on. Thankfully, more recent advances in technology have brought about more thorough sleep trackers, like the Nokia Sleep, that can track your heart rate, how well you are sleeping, and more. You can access this data on your phone which will help you understand your sleep patterns and give you the tips you need to get a better night's sleep. In addition to the Nokia Sleep, you should consider purchasing an ottoman bed as these have ample storage for all your smart gadgets while still looking trendy.

Minimize Screen Time Before You Go to Bed

As bedtime approaches, healthcare professionals advise that you should limit your screen time if you are hoping to improve the quality of your sleep. For some, using their smartphone, tablet, or laptop is unavoidable. If that is the case for you, be sure to implement a screen tinting software to reduce your blue light exposure. Some smart devices have a night shift mode which is a great feature for this and can help you sleep better even if you are on your phone right before you drift off to dream.


Our Smart Home Technology Solutions

Smart Home solutions are not one size fits all. They are completely customizable solutions perfect for all sorts of spaces and budgets, aimed to make life at home more convenient, enjoyable, and peaceful. Simptech Solutions home professionals are experts at turning your house into a dream haven. We design and install Control4 powered smart homes that deliver flexible, reliable, and innovative technology in your home. Take a look below to see all of the solutions we can deliver to your home and contact us for demonstration in our showroom!
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Technology in the bedroom should be suited around the needs of the homeowners. Whether you like to rise with the sun or need to sleep until the afternoon, there are smart home technology options that are sure to make life easier for you.

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