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When you are away, it is nice to stay informed about what is happening at home. At SimpTech Solutions, we have the technology that allows you to do just that. From the moment someone rings your doorbell, you will be able to see what they are up to. Expecting a package? Monitor your cameras to see when it arrives. Whether there is someone walking through your backyard or you want to make sure your home is secure when you’re out of town-- there is a smart home solution for you.


What You Need To Stay Connected

A mobile app on your smartphone and an internet-enabled monitoring device at your home, this includes devices such as: a video doorbell, surveillance cameras, electronic door locks, or even a combination of the three. The internet allows you to connect these devices to your smartphone enabling you to monitor and manage your home regardless of how far away from home you are-- or even if you are just inside. With this technology you can see and hear what’s going on at your house 24/7.


Smart Doorbells

Google Nest, Arlo, Ring, Chime, and SimpliSafe are just a few of the smart doorbells on the market today. Each of these brands have the ability to integrate seamlessly into your smart home with additional devices and smart hubs. After installing one of their apps, you will be notified whenever someone is at the door. You are then able to talk to your visitors through the intercom. Using the apps associated with these doorbells, you can also turn off and on lights both inside and out, unlock the door, and then lock the door when your guests make their way into your home. Whether you soaking up the sun on a beach miles away or binge watching a new series on your living room couch, you can let guests inside with peace of mind, monitor deliveries, and deter suspicious people away from your home.



Mimicking the look of a traditional intercom, but instead of having a special device installed within your home, you are now able to be notified on your smartphone. Intercom Anywhere offers unique features that contribute to the “intercom” portion of its name. You are able to use touchscreens inside your home so that you can communicate with others throughout your house. So instead of yelling up the stairs when dinner is ready the way our parents used to do things, you can now intercom other touchscreens in the house to let your family know it's time to eat. You also have the ability to call people from these touch screens making it even easier to let your spouse know to grab that one missing ingredient you forgot at the store on their way home. Intercom Anywhere takes all of the functionalities of video doorbells and adds a more advanced intercom feature that will make communicating with your family simple.


Surveillance Cameras

We offer surveillance cameras that are vigilant and get the job done. Built-in motion sensors will alert your smartphone as soon as they recognize that someone is on your grounds. Using our app, you can watch the captured footage in real time, allowing you to see what triggered the camera-- the mailman, a neighbor walking their dog, or an uninvited visitor. You can watch a live feed, allow the video camera to record so you can view what went on later, or take immediate action by instructing your smart home technology features to set off an exterior alarm or flash a light.


Secure Electronic Door Locks

Electronic door locks are yet another way that you can stay in the know about what is happening at your house while you’re away. If you are expecting a visitor to drop by, they can use your special code to unlock the door or some smart locks will allow you to grant them access remotely-- this can come in handy when your teenagers misplace their key and need a way in after school. You can give your code to those your trust, family members, close friends, your handyman, or babysitters.. your choice. Upon entering the code, the lock will add it to a list that you can access from your smartphone. You are able to see who came to your home and at what time, when they left, and that they locked your door back. Connected to your system, your lock can also prompt a customized response, such as turning on the lights or opening up your motorized drapes, and more.

With remote monitoring devices like these, you can let your worries be a thing of the past when you are away from home. Now you are able to track who comes and goes, visually assess what is going on in all areas of your property, and communicate with visitors no matter where you are. All you need is the proper equipment, internet connection, and your smartphone to stay connected with your home 24/7, 365.

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