The 3 Main Benefits of Having a Smart Doorbell in Your Smart Home…


With the current times, online shopping has become the new normal. Being able to watch for those packages to be delivered gives you a sense of security. A smart home will allow you the opportunity to have a smart doorbell.

Smart Doorbell Benefits

  • Entry – When you have a smart doorbell, you can set the features to greet visitors at your door, unlock your door for them, control lighting and begin music with your home audio system for their listening pleasure.
  • Communication – Smart doorbells allow you to use your personal device to talk to your visitors wherever you may be.
  • Visibility – Sync your doorbell with a phone or touchscreen and you can have a clear visual of who is at your door. You can also set up multiple motion zones to cover any are you may be concerned about. With this feature you will not receive a notification for every person that rides by, only those in the specific areas in your zones. Another fantastic feature is being able to go back days before and view your video history from your phone.

The Following is Control4’s Smart Doorbell…

If convenience and security is what you are looking for, add a smart doorbell to your smart home system and you won’t be disappointed.

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