The Importance In Having your Audiovisual (AV) In-Sync With Your Information Technology (IT) Providers


Audiovisual products have quickly evolved and become integrated with existing IP, wireless, and mobile infrastructures making the relationship between your IT provider and your AV provider very important. QSC and Spiceworks released a study of more than 150 IT buyers and professionals to learn what they wanted from Audiovisual integrators.


IT Providers Want AV Providers To Know What's Important To Them

96% of technology purchasing decisions are made by groups. Many times Audiovisual solutions will be sold as to how it will increase revenue or how it will integrate with other popular hardware or software. This misses the boat for IT provides who want more information about the technical details of the solution with comparison information about other solutions, along with previous customer success information. IT providers want to work with AV providers that can demonstrate a solid foundation in IT. They love when AV providers understand network configuration and IT workflows. They also like when AV providers have IT related certifications like Comp TIA, Cisco, CCNA, and others.

Integration Is About More Than Just Network Integration

IT providers want AV solutions that can integrate with other applications, operating systems, and IT industry-standard monitoring and control consoles, as well as to be centrally managed and monitored. IT providers what AV providers to have solutions that deliver native network connections as well as turnkey compatibility with IT systems like LDAP, SNMP, and SIP softphones. These solutions must be scalable and flexible to meet the every changing needs of the entire business.

IT Providers Just Aren't That Into AV Providers

The QSC survey showed that 37 percent of IT providers would plan and deploy audiovisual systems on their own and only 15 percent would reach out to an audiovisual provider for help. This means that successful AV providers need to get into the conversation early. They need to be a strategic partner early on for the buying group to not be wedged out by the IT provider early on. AV providers need to show their value early to get a seat at the table. Explain to the group that if you need surgery you wouldn't go to your generalist doctor. That a good relationship between the generalist doctor and their surgeon will result in a better outcome.

SimpTech Solutions has been a true partner to many groups who are buying technology and understands what and why each member has specific needs and wants from the project. We have years of corporate IT productivity and communications experience that helps guide our solutions integration and relationships with business professionals to successful deploy and utilize technology for improved business results. Our experience and knowledge of the IT and AV world has helped us work hand and hand with IT providers, CEOs, and Operation teams to create successful AV solutions that work for each of them.

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