These 5 New Home Security Features Are Available Now With Smarter, More Sophisticated Equipment and Systems...


Home security is a huge trend that won't be leaving anytime soon. Of all technologies, it is one of the most established. Home security systems have been around for decades and like any good technology, it has evolved...


Home Security Now Provides Protection From a Variety of Dangers

  • Wireless Security Options
  • Integration with Entertainment Systems
  • Leak/Furnace Failure Detection
  • Integration with Fire, Medical, and Other Emergency Response
  • Integrated Vibration and Audio Sensors
  • SmartPhone Apps
  • Smart Homes

The modern security systems prevent more than break-ins they can also keep your home safe from environmental dangers, infrastructure issues, and indoor pollutants with sensors that report flooding, power shortages, and temperature swings. the system can also control lighting, control windows and shades, and can even simulate occupancy by mimicking your home routine to ward off break-ins. When integrated with a smart home operating system, a smart security system can give you peace of mind and help your home run like a well-oiled machine.

Occupancy Simulation

People used to accomplish this effect by putting home lights on timers. But this predictability became a clear sign to burglars that the house was in fact vacant. Occupants are involved in a variety of activities in a home, which drives them to move among rooms, to enter or leave, occupancy varies with time: and the number of family members, occupancy status in a room. Today's systems are much harder to crack because they are able to mimic your family's behaviors and schedules by turning lights, TVs, and music on and off in more realistic fishing. To a burglar, it will look like you are home.

Real Time Updates

No matter where you are, you will be able to check on your home with your mobile device and you will be alerted if an alarm goes off or a sensor is tripped. You can also receive email or text alerts if moisture is detected in the basement or if an off limits cabinet is opened. You will be able to see if any doors or windows were left open or who disarmed the alarm or opened the garage. Even if you have a house sitter or a family member checking on the home it is nice to know what is going on in your home when you are away.

Visual Monitoring

For decades, analog video surveillance has been the standard for security across various industries. Technology and supporting software have drastically improved over time, making now a good time for you to upgrade to a digital video surveillance system. A newer surveillance camera can detect and notify you when something goes missing. When the camera detects that something is moved and not replaced after a designated time it will log the event and send out a message. Security cameras are in demand. You can monitor and communicate from just about any room in your house. If you are in the living room and want to know what the kids are up to you can check from your network-connected TV or from a touchscreen. You can also monitor from your phone. With a system as smart as these, if something is amiss you can take action weather home for away.

Control From Near or Far

Your security system can also receive incoming messages from you. If you want to remotely turn on the porch lights and speak out over an intercom to scare off an intruder it is possible. You can make sure your teenager gets in safely and locks up as soon as they are inside. From your phone or tablet, you can alter the setting of your home security system. Such as allowing house-guest access to your home if you are away. If you find someone forgot to close the garage door or lock the front door you can do that with the phone or tablet.

Smart Security Operating Systems

Many local police departments offer free home security evaluations. If your department does not, ask a family member or trusted friend to walk around the property to help you conduct an inspection. Any security system could signal police or fire authorities if an alarm goes unresolved for more than a few minutes, but what if your security system could engage preventative measures all on its own? If your security system is part of a Smart Home operating system, then it could detect carbon monoxide and automatically trigger windows to open and delete the noxious gas.

Integrating smart devices and features, like those mentioned will complement your home security and can take your home protection plan to a whole new level.

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