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With whole-house audio and video, it is easy to listen and watch your media in every area of your home. Listening to your favorite music throughout your home with a whole-home audio system is a great option but sometimes you will only want certain rooms to play the music. You will need a professional to give you great sound because it is super annoying to have distributed audio and hear hear muffled or distant sound quality because the audio was not properly set up. If you want to spread the sound to every nook and corner of your home, a multi-room audio system could be just the ticket. Most multi-room audio systems connect to your home's WiFi network so there's no need to trip over trailing wires. The following are some options for whole house audio


Whole House Audio 

If you want to walk throughout your home from room to room and hear the same song in a high-end quality you will need to install speakers in the common areas of your home such as hallways, kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms that you find yourself in. To get the best sound, the proper hidden smart solution in your home allows you to benefit from high-end audio and visuals without losing the beauty of your home design.

Invisible and Non-intrusive Speakers

Do you want something that doesn't disrupt your current space but adds and enhances the sound? Hidden speakers are going to be your ideal choice. Inwall and in-ceiling speakers deliver excellent sound but do so without looking like an unwanted addition in your environment. Create the perfect surround sound in every room by placing speakers on all sides and above you. You will feel completely immersed in sound walking from any room in the home and will never have to strain to hear a word again.

Dedicated Listening Rooms

In this special room everything will be catered to bringing the best audio performance to the listener. This particular area of your home is set aside for specifically listening to your albums and records. This setup will not be like the rest of your audio configuration. Putting up the right acoustic treatment on the walls and ceiling when needed will ensure the audio does not reflect or get absorbed too much and doesn't flow to any other part of the room except towards your ears.

Media Room or Home Theater

Surround sound system set up in your media room or home space is key. A high-quality surround system makes a significant difference in your entertainment experience. Why? Because surround sound is everywhere now. All broadcast TV is in Dolby Digital format, virtually all movies are distributed with surround sound. Netflix are using 7.1 audio, and the best shows make you feel like you’re at the movies. Installing in-wall and in-ceiling speakers will distribute the audio all around the room, to the sides, above and behind your seating. A soundbar can utilize multi-channel audio equipment to guarantee a surround sound experience.

Concealable Screens Are a Great Addition to Your Whole House Audio System

Hidden screens that can make themselves appear as quickly as they can disappear are the best addition to your home and system. They can even be a mirror, a wall panel or a painting or picture when not in use. You could choose a TV that lowers from the ceiling or rises up out of furniture for the same purpose. These are entirely concealed until you choose to turn your space into a viewing area.

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