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A smart home is a home with an automation system that controls lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. It may also include home security such as access control and alarm systems. To us, one of the smartest and most convenient components that can be included in every smart home is smart lighting. What does smart lighting actually entail?


What is Smart Lighting?

Smart lighting is a lighting technology designed for energy efficiency, convenience, and security. This may include high-efficiency fixtures and automated controls that make adjustments based on conditions such as occupancy or daylight availability. Using keypads, voice assistants, an app., touchscreens, or a remote, your are able to dim lights or change colors and hues in any, or every, room turn individual pictures or group of light on and off and set a specific mood. The smartest thing about smart lighting is that it is more than just lighting.

There are two main ways smart lighting can be installed

  • Wired Lighting Control System - A wired lighting control system is when all the circuits in a home are centralized to one location. This option allows for cleaner wiring in the walls. If you are working in a space that has many lighting circuits, a centralized system allows you to have one elegant keypad in the space to control all the lights rather than a bank of 5 or 6 switches on the wall. A wired system is also more reliable than a wireless system because all the lights and keypads are hard-wired which eliminates the potential for communication issues. The downside of a wired system is the planning and cost involved in the project. These lighting control systems require complex wiring and more well-planned installation.
  • Wireless Lighting Control System - A wireless lighting control system is when your current toggle switches are swapped out for wirelessly controlled dimmers, switches, and keypads. They communicate with a processor that can be easily hidden in a closet or utility room. The cost and planning required for a wireless lighting system are lower than a centralized system. There is no need to cut open walls and run cable, which makes this a great lighting control option for retro-fit projects. If you are trying to stay within a certain budget, the cost of the dimmers, keypads, and processors are less expensive than those of a wired system. A wireless system also requires less planning and installation time so a system can be up and running in less than a day. The downside of a wireless system is occasional interruptions in communications from one device to another. When a wireless system is installed in a home we always make sure the dimmers, keypads, and processors are within range of each other.

Both systems have their benefits and drawbacks, so your selection depends on what is important to you and your family. Both systems can give you total control of your lights with great features like control from your phone or tablet, recalling scenes, and timers.

You Can Program Your Lighting To Simplify Your Daily Routines

Conveniently placed lighting keypads allow you to turn off every light on your way out the door with one switch. When arriving home the garage door can trigger the entryway lights. Motion detectors brighten the hallway lights during the evening and throughout the night.

Technology That Matches Your Decor

Switches, dimmers, and customizable keypads match your decor, no boring switches on your wall. One sleek customizable keypad can take care of multiple lights in multiple rooms. It can set an entire scene with lighting, music, temperature, and door locks.

Smart Home Technology Integrated With Apps, Smart Speakers, Remotes, and More

Home automation devices are usually controlled with apps or dedicated, relatively complex controllers or, if compatible, with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa on the Amazon Echo. A TV remote can control your lighting throughout the entire house. When your hands are full ask Alexa to turn up the lights for you. When you're cozied up on the couch, use the remote to dim the light for the movie. When you are on the patio use the mobile app to turn on the outside lights. When you are headed up the stair to the bedroom for the evening use the lighting switches and keypads to put the whole house to bed.

Safety, Decoration, and Efficiency Features

  • Keep your home safe while you are away - Smart home devices can be used to make it look like you're home in a bid to deter potential burglars. After all, if your lights and TV go on and off each day, the window blinds rise each morning, and the outside features several security cameras, all but the most determined (or foolish) burglars will look elsewhere.
  • Decorate with outdoor lighting for the holidays - Alexa can make you feel like the Clark Griswold you are by turning on all the Christmas lights with just a command. These features require little to no setup, and they're super easy to use. You never have to walk outside to plug in the exterior lights in the snow.
  • Be eco-friendly - Smart energy-efficient light bulbs give you the ability to reduce your lighting use and your carbon footprint. When lights are on and nobody is home, it's a waste of energy. In addition, using standard light bulbs requires more energy than new, smart LED light bulbs.
    The future of smart lighting is looking bright.

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