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Bridging the Communications Gap With Video Collaboration and Conferencing Solutions...


Having great communications and being agile are huge assets and differentiators for a business these days. When your teams and customers are separated by geography, the chance of miscommunication increases exponentially. Miscommunication can lead to lost sales and a bad reputation.

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Designing & Building a Home Theater #5 - The Proper Room Height When Using Front Projection


Room height will play a roll in your home theater setup when you install a front projection setup in your home theater room. A front-projection system includes a projector unit (which is usually mounted on your ceiling but can also be on a lift, on a floor mount, or in the rear wall) and a separate screen. Video sources (such as DVDs, cable, and satellite TV) are routed into the projector, which then turns these signals into light. Then, the light is projected onto a separate screen that’s mounted on a wall at the front of your home theater. The required height would depend on the size of your screen. You would not come across concerns of room height with direct view . There are a number of guiding principle here that can help in the process of determining your room height with a front projection set up...

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