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What to Keep in Mind When Installing Your New Home Audio System

Do high-quality audio systems inspire you? If you’re not the average music listener, then you likely want speakers that stand apart from typical store-bought brands. You want to be inspired, entertained, and enraptured by the high-end audio emanating from your speaker system. 

At Beacon Audio Video Systems, we partner with top industry brands, like Paradigm Audio, to deliver best-in-class home automation technologies. From smart home theaters to outdoor patios, we know how to install audio components to enhance the identity of every space in your Dayton, OH home. 

If you want to spend your time enjoying and not figuring out your AV system, it may be a good idea to consider these recommendations.

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Choose the Best Equipment for Your Home

When it comes to audio equipment, our philosophy is simple. Speakers and other audio components should add to the immersive qualities of any room. Since 1982, Paradigm Audio has been designing speakers that deliver exactly this type of experience. 

Paradigm’s product quality is unmatched, delivering amazing value for industry-leading sound. All Paradigm speakers have years of research behind them. Each model has been optimized to perform well anywhere from your bedroom to the pool area. 

True, there are other brands, but when it comes to speakers, we at Beacon love what Paradigm has to offer! For instance, the company’s Founder Series embraces science and acoustics to generate amazing high-end sound quality. Music to an audiophile’s ears! In fact, it’s so incredible that the series received the Best Product Award for 2022-2023 by EISA.

Focus on Product Placement

From big and bold to small and subtle, Paradigm speakers always deliver the kind of sound that turns rooms into experiences. But not every room should feel the same. Multi-room music, for example, is part of most AV system installations, and Paradigm offers multiple collections catering to any taste and to any type of room. 

Paradigm’s Anthem Room Correction (ARC) technology, for example, compares room acoustics to lab standards and calibrates speakers to perfectly match their location. So, wherever you are thinking of placing your speakers, you can rest assured they will sound their best.

Consider Professional Design and Installation 

You can always buy speakers online and install them yourself, but should you? Not if you are looking for high-end speakers and audio systems that transform rooms into sound theaters!

Having professionals design and install your AV technology systems guarantees sound fidelity in every room while letting you operate the entire system from a single control point.

Why not reach out to our team and learn how we can help turn your home into an experience?

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